Children and Divorce

Written by Karen Zastudil

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As you begin uncoveringrepparttar new you, it's not wrong to make time for yourself, but when it seems appropriate, include your children. You are a mom first, and you would not want to sacrificerepparttar 122072 needs of your children. Maintain moments of "single" freeness to time with your friends and not in front of your children. As you begin dating again, feeling silly, giddy and young, do it in a way that doesn't affect them. Introducing a lot of casual dates into your children's lives can cause anxiety and confusion. Reassure them that your date is not a replacement for "dad" or them. You would not want your children to feel they are being abandoned. Your children still need to know that you arerepparttar 122073 parent and that they can depend on you to providerepparttar 122074 love and emotional stability they need.

Karen Zastudil is a retired financial analyst with a BA in Economics and Marketing - as the parent, Karen is an advocate for others who are interested in parenting and womens issues. Karen shares her wisdom and her resources at

Using Silk Flowers - Should I?

Written by Ginger Ruoff

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Finally, in terms ofrepparttar wedding budget, a silk flower wedding can be more economical than fresh cut flowers. The flowers you like are always "in season." Prices are not bumped by seasonal changes. Also, because you will be able to order at a time that you wish to, you can pay forrepparttar 122071 flower expense months ahead of other expenses that will necessarily come right beforerepparttar 122072 wedding.

Whatever choices you make about your wedding flowers - silk flower or fresh cut - a good wedding flower designer will help you create beauty in your wedding bouquet.

Ginger designs custom-styled bridal bouquets and wedding packages for brides. Visit her website for ideas.

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