Child Separation Anxiety: Does Your Child Have It?

Written by D.Herren

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One must remember when dealing with a child with child separation anxiety, anxiety can be contagious. The more you show it,repparttar more your child will pick up on it and makerepparttar 141221 situation more difficult. An easy way to get on top ofrepparttar 141222 situation early is to play small "leave and return" games with your child. This way, they get accustomed to you being gone in short intervals, and most importantly...get accustomed to you returning. A simple "peek a boo" game or “hide and seek” aroundrepparttar 141223 house may dorepparttar 141224 trick.

The more you can do these exercises, andrepparttar 141225 longer amounts of time you can be separated is key to overcoming child separation anxiety. The ebook, "The Separation Anxiety Solution" is full of tips, tricks and helpful advice that has helped many kids overcome this difficult and common problem.It can be found at: The Separation Anxiety Solution

If your child still shows strong symptoms of child separation anxiety after weeks of doing exercises to get them use to you being away, it may be time to see a doctor or therapist. The earlier you can get this problem under control,repparttar 141226 better it will be not only for your child, but also for you.

Does your child have separation anxiety? Beat child separation anxiety with The Separation Anxiety Solution

"Stupid Advice"

Written by Rhiannon Hill

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And advice is often manipulative.

My friend was having a party and couldn't decide whether to fillrepparttar house with flowers. A third friend launched into a whole complicated monologue aboutrepparttar 141182 cost ofrepparttar 141183 flowers,repparttar 141184 work involved arranging them, and so on.

The party giver's cat wandered in. I said I wouldn't pet it because I am allergic to long haired cats. The advice giver immediately sympathised.

'Oh, I am allergic to so many things, I have to avoid cats, dust mites, pollen... you name it!'

She reddened and suddenly went very quiet. Her 'advice' was based onrepparttar 141185 fact that large number of pollen-laden flowers would have spoiledrepparttar 141186 party for her!

An honest response would have been: 'flowers would make it hard for me to come to your party...'

I don't give advice to psychotherapy clients. We often need a range of options to process. I just support them in coming up with options, that's all.

Expert opinion is valuable - butrepparttar 141187 giver needs to detach fromrepparttar 141188 outcome.

Practical advice is different: if water is pouring out of a burst pipe you needrepparttar 141189 person who knowsrepparttar 141190 location ofrepparttar 141191 stopcock!

But if someone asks for more abstract 'advice' I'll first ask what they think they should do, and if they're stuck, I'll say, 'well, you might want to look at... etc'

That leaves it open. Because hey, if it all goes wrong I don't wantrepparttar 141192 responsibility of having maderepparttar 141193 decision for them!

======================================= Rhiannon Hill isrepparttar 141194 author of "10 Stupid Things That Can Screw Up Your Life" Getrepparttar 141195 no-bull self-help book that tells it like it is... =======================================

Rhiannon Hill is the author of "10 Stupid Things That Can Screw Up Your Life" Get the no-bull self-help book that tells it like it is... =======================================

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