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Parents haverepparttar legal right to be compensated for bothrepparttar 139706 financial drain and emotional injury that comes from caring for an injured child. A child injury attorney can help you receiverepparttar 139707 compensation you deserve. For more information on child injuries please visit our website at

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Don't be stuck with a lemon.

Written by Paul Forcey

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The California Lemon Law not only protectsrepparttar buyer of new cars and trucks, but alsorepparttar 139565 consumer who has purchased a used vehicle. If you have purchased a lemon car and it is still underrepparttar 139566 new car warranty, even if you are notrepparttar 139567 original owner, then you can file a claim underrepparttar 139568 California Lemon Law.

If you think that you have purchased a lemon car it is important that you keep good documentation of all interactions and transactions in regards to your lemon car. Write a letter torepparttar 139569 manufacturer and send it certified. Manufacturers are aware ofrepparttar 139570 California Lemon Law and most are more than willing to rectifyrepparttar 139571 situation. If you are unhappy withrepparttar 139572 repair work done byrepparttar 139573 dealer,repparttar 139574 manufacturer may ask you to go through arbitration with a third party. If you are still not satisfied, you can sue in court underrepparttar 139575 California Lemon Law. You can also contactrepparttar 139576 Attorney Generalís Office forrepparttar 139577 newest updates torepparttar 139578 California Lemon Law.

Attorney Generalís Office California Dept. Of Justice P O Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550

Paul thought he was stuck with a lemon until he discovered the lemon law.

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