Chicken Little Entrepreneurs

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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A story at points out that new tech spy gear is being hawked torepparttar government at unimaginable rates.

"With some exaggeration, Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta, whose department is responsible for airport safety, toldrepparttar 132035 Senate Appropriations Committee earlier this month: "We've got every salesman - 20,000 of them, I think - approaching us about how they've got some machine that will take care of everything we do, including not only detecting explosives but athlete's foot as well."

That snake oil is pretty slippery guys. Software powering advanced hardware is impressive, but not magical. Where isrepparttar 132036 wolf to chase off these high tech chickens? It seems that we've got a children's story being rewritten in Washington, D.C. The remake of "Chicken Little" has 20,000 high tech Chicken's selling overpriced umbrellas torepparttar 132037 King -- and apparently he's buying.

Chicken Little is hurrying Database 'neath her wing.

She knowsrepparttar 132038 sky is falling fast So goes to sellrepparttar 132039 King.

Now, after she has soldrepparttar 132040 cure And all is told and said

The good old King smiles sweet at her And takes her in to bed.

The huge new homeland security proposal by President Bush will employ over 169,000 people and incorporate all or part of dozens of existing federal agencies.

No doubt it will have a vast database incorporating Larry Ellison's suggested National ID software, and will be powered by Siebel's Homeland Security Product. Surely there will be lots of iris scanning, finger- print reading, face recognizing, smart card reading, body scanning, security cameras and superduper tech- nology feeding all that data intorepparttar 132041 centralized database where Big Brother comes to life, finally.

Whatrepparttar 132042 heck, I may as well get intorepparttar 132043 act. "Oh King! I have a Homeland Security Bridge I'd like to sell you."

This baby has a built in database of every vehicle onrepparttar 132044 road and computerized steel gates that slam shut when terrorists attempt to cross over. We'll know because all car rentals and sales will require purchasers to state whether they've got evil intent. That will be entered into our bridge database along with predictive behavior modeling, just like that used byrepparttar 132045 airports now. You'll need one at every border crossing point. Buyrepparttar 132046 hardware at $3 Billion each and I'll DONATErepparttar 132047 software 'cause I'm a Patriot, just like Larry Ellison!"

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Two Simple Security Steps for your Web Site

Written by Alan Grissett

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Second, and perhapsrepparttar single most important security precaution, is to use strong passwords. A good general rule in password creation is that a password should be easy for you to remember but impossible for others to guess. Also, it should contain both alphabetical and numerical characters, and if possible, special characters such as %, !, or (. By having a strong password, you can ensure that hackers cannot access your mission critical Web, e-mail, and database files.

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