Chex Systems-Why Every American Needs To Guard His Checking Account

Written by Alvin Arthur

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You will be listed in their database for five years before your name is removed. You will not be able to find a bank willing open an account for you anywhere inrepparttar US, for at leastrepparttar 146519 next five years.

What does this mean in real terms?

  1. If your job was direct depositing your money to your account, you can forget about that convenience for five years.
  2. If you enjoyed saving your money in a bank account, you will have to get accustomed to your mattress as your personal bank, for five years.
  3. If you enjoyed making purchases using atm and bankcards, you will have to start walking around with your wad of cash from them on.
  4. If you liked cashing your paycheck atrepparttar 146520 bank, you will now wait in line at one of those check cashing facilities, notorious for charging you a fee for you to receive your salary.
  5. Oh, and those summer vacations you use to like taking…make sure you walk with lots of cash to pay for your hotel stay, food, and other vacation-like activities.

If this seems like a nightmare to you, it is. And what’s worse, is that there are millions of Americans experience this every single day, without any relief in sight, for years to come.

You can avoid this nightmare by being very diligent about how you handle your personal checking accounts by keeping a steady eye on them. Withrepparttar 146521 onset of internet banking, most people have no excuse to not know what’s going on with their accounts, asrepparttar 146522 information is minutes from their fingertips.

Alvin Arthur owns and since 2002 he has been helping people find banks that will give them a second chance at banking, even if they are still on Chex Systems. His business motto is, "You're Only 21 Days From Getting a New Bank Account And a New Life, Guaranteed!"

Life Insurance Settlements-Capitalizing On Your Policies

Written by Jon Thomas

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•A settlement firm, representing third-party investors, or better yet, an institutional funder, will provide a cash payment torepparttar policyholder that exceedsrepparttar 146518 cash surrender value embedded inrepparttar 146519 policy. From that point on,repparttar 146520 original policyholder will have no further involvement or association withrepparttar 146521 policy. •The life settlement firm will continue to make premium payments onrepparttar 146522 policy torepparttar 146523 life insurer, until a death benefit is claimed. •The death benefit will be collected byrepparttar 146524 settlement company and passed on to third party investors, who are likely interested in returns that are not highly correlated with their other assets. (Source: Corporate reports and Bernstein Estimates)

A life insurance settlement, to summarize, is basicallyrepparttar 146525 sale of a life insurance policy at a price, higher thanrepparttar 146526 cash surrender value. Many seniors are realizingrepparttar 146527 extraordinary benefits of unlockingrepparttar 146528 dormant asset value of life insurance, allowing them to better plan for their future through what is essentially newly-found money. Life insurance settlements are increasingly offering seniors viable options for their life insurance policies, and, as we are now seeing, more financial options can be rewarding indeed.

Life Insurance Settlement Experts

Jon Thomas has been involved in finance and insurance, specializing in emerging growth markets since 1979. He continues to write articles concerning the public and their pressing financial concerns. Life insurance settlements

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