Checklist: Do I Need to Replace My Chimney Cap?

Written by Susan Penney

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4.Arerepparttar sides of your chimney caps clogged? The mesh or screen sides of your chimney caps may get clogged with leaves or other detritus forced intorepparttar 148190 mesh by very high winds. More frequently, chimney caps’ mesh can get clogged with soot and creosote, especially if you are using unseasoned, green firewood. This clogging is most common in chimney caps designed with smaller mesh holes for use in wildfire prone areas. Ifrepparttar 148191 mesh sides of your chimney caps are clogged, your fireplace’s or woodstove’s draft will be reduced, leading to poor performance or even to a chimney fire.

When you head up torepparttar 148192 roof, take along a metal tape measure, paper, and pencil. In case you find you need new chimney caps, you will haverepparttar 148193 tools at hand to measure your flues or chimney crown for their replacement chimney caps.

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Glass Sinks - 4 Unbreakable Rules of Buying a Glass Vessel Sink

Written by Valerie Mason

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A guest bathroom or power room is well-suited for these sinks. You’ll be able express your style while impressing your neighbors, friends and family. And who doesn’t like to be respected for their exquisite taste? Most importantly, there will be less traffic and less worry.

If you have a large family, a family with young children or one bathroom and wantrepparttar look of these glass sinks but realize that glass might not berepparttar 148159 best option, then consider a porcelain or copper vessel sink.

4. Know your budget Prices can start as low as $50 to as high as $10,000. There could be many reasons forrepparttar 148160 difference in pricing. Glass sinks can be factory made or custom made, blown glass or fused glass, single layer or double layered glass.

Custom made and/or blown glass sinks are more expensive due torepparttar 148161 time and expertise involved in creating them. With custom made sinks, you’ll communicate one-on-one withrepparttar 148162 artist of your sink and you’ll receive expert knowledge about its creation and special maintenance requirements. The best part: no one else will ever have a sink exactly like yours. This comes with an upscale price of $1,000 or more.

Considerrepparttar 148163 sink’s quality. Whether quality, customer service or knowledge, sometimes you get what you pay for. Be careful of sinks that start at rock bottom prices. They sometimes come without warranties,repparttar 148164 sellers are not knowledgeable aboutrepparttar 148165 sinks and they’re simply quantity discounters and have nothing more to offer than just a low price.

Buying a glass sink is simple when you plan properly and know your limitations. With these 4 Rules, you'll be 4 steps closer to establishingrepparttar 148166 bath of your dreams and needs.

Valerie Mason is a home renovation enthusiastic, and she excitedly shares her knowledge and passion about glass sinks at her website To find out the #1 reason for glass sink breakage and how to prevent your vanity sink from making you sick, go to

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