Check Your Server!

Written by Dale Sexton

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I couldn't understand what was happening. Inrepparttar next half hour I received 50 unsubscribers. I checkedrepparttar 124409 list to see what was going on. In my mindrepparttar 124410 only name onrepparttar 124411 list I was sending to was mine.

When I pulled up my ftp program, last weeks list was on it. I went to my software to changerepparttar 124412 list but it wouldn't change. The only thing that would cause it not to change was ifrepparttar 124413 chmod settings had changed. They did. I had sent my 'test' to my list as it was last week.

The upgrade onrepparttar 124414 server had reset allrepparttar 124415 settings to everything in my cgi-bin. After it was all said and done, I lost over 200 subscribers. My host is aware ofrepparttar 124416 problem and have done a number of good things for my site, so I see no need to move. The real goal of this article is to make web owners aware of checking their site frequently.

Thoughrepparttar 124417 program I use is unusual in thatrepparttar 124418 mailing list can change inrepparttar 124419 cgi-bin, I had other programs that users brought to my attention were not working. What this means is that as a website owner, you have to check your site allrepparttar 124420 time. Don't trust that it works.

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Give Your Subscribers A Steak

Written by Ernie West

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by releasing new upgrades to their products. An ongoing revenue generator. There is no excuse for not publishing a newsletter. I put it off for a long time because of perceived challenges. Once I tookrepparttar time to look into it, I realized that there was nothing to it. I take it seriously, yes, but there is no real difficulty in actually doing it once you obtainrepparttar 124408 tools. I've been taking a look at some other sites onrepparttar 124409 Internet other than my own and I'm surprised at what I'm seeing. Some high-profile sites have an invitation to subscribe to their newsletter way atrepparttar 124410 bottom of their page, or otherwise hard to find, while others don't even have an invitation at all! Only a few sites "get it" and have a subscribe invitation atrepparttar 124411 top ofrepparttar 124412 page, immediately obvious upon arriving. Easy to find, easy to subscribe. I chose eGroups as a service to automate my newsletter because they make things easy. New subscribers do not have to go through an obstacle course or answer a bunch of personal questions in order to subscribe. Publish your own newsletter and grow your subscriber base through promotion. Design a professional site with your own domain name, and put your subscribe invitation atrepparttar 124413 top in plain view. Make it easy for your visitors to subscribe and they will, provided that you also impress them with high quality content on your site. See you atrepparttar 124414 top.

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