Check Your English Grammar With This Easy Technique

Written by Heris Yunora

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-Don't forget to notice what isrepparttar language ofrepparttar 150814 website. For example,repparttar 150815 word "biz" and "bizz" both have many search result. But onlyrepparttar 150816 word "biz" is used inrepparttar 150817 English website.

Sometimes some websites have typing errors. Be cautious about it!

The same technique can also be applied to check a grammatical error.

For example, if you are in doubt which one isrepparttar 150818 right sentence:

"The brave man swam overrepparttar 150819 river yesterday." or "The brave man swam accrossrepparttar 150820 river yesterday"?

Followrepparttar 150821 steps above, but don't forget to putrepparttar 150822 (") symbol inrepparttar 150823 beginning and inrepparttar 150824 end ofrepparttar 150825 sentence, in order that Google will not cut it.

If your sentence is too long, try to cut it.

Forrepparttar 150826 above example, just type "swam overrepparttar 150827 river" and then "swam accrossrepparttar 150828 river".

However, you should take care in checking sentences, because not every sentence can be checked with this technique.

One more thing, it is very difficult if you want to check emotions of a sentence. For example, you can not check whether "Would you please...?" is more polite than "Will you please...?" by using this technique.

That's why you should use English everyday on any occassion, so that you will get used to it.

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Part 2: Jabberywoky Dreams

Written by K.S. Fellow

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A trill so head pounding I could not bare it! with a blind searching I pounded my alarm clock with anger, for I had wanted to never realize I was dreaming. “Again...the same man that I dreamed onrepparttar bus.” With a sore throat I squeaked out, my words burning. The morning light made its self known as it brought onrepparttar 150720 boost ofrepparttar 150721 day’s mocking strum, no different thenrepparttar 150722 last to my ears. Who is this man, have you seen him before? “No.” Are you certain, “He’s to unworldly for me to of ever my world.” In your world perhaps. “Hum?” My lips felt bruised as they attempted to sip my routine morning tea, a roasted green tea that filled my lunges with a steamy warmth and familiarity, still hot and foaming. “Mmmm.” I rubbed my cheeks against my cold awakening hands, I moaned in a tiresome way. Feel like a morning run, a jog...or simply a walk...or even lesser yet...a stroll? “Possibly...yes.” I murmured in a yawn, thinking to my dark pool of tea.

Took no more notice of time then a flash and I was partly dressed and out my door. Not a noise to be heard, to cold for evenrepparttar 150723 most playful of neighbor hood children to be out, still, I took little to no notice ofrepparttar 150724 layers of clothes wrapped me in a comfortable warmth. ...

Part 3: The bird jogging

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