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Written by Monica Marty

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The Teva Mountain Games is also geared towards families. There is an event guide that will be of interest to families. For example, there is a list of events for each day. Families can figure out which events to attend by readingrepparttar tips and insights offered by festival officials. If your family has trouble deciding which events to take in, thenrepparttar 150079 family information available will be a welcome guide. Plus, you’ll know where to takerepparttar 150080 kids for dinner. Finding a family-friendly restaurant is a major plus.

An outdoor sports festival wouldn’t be complete without offering clinics torepparttar 150081 eager spectators. The games offer clinics in climbing, kayaking, adventure racing, fly fishing, trail running, and mountain biking. The clinics are geared for participants of all ages and skill levels. The clinics are free, so take advantage of them.

Set your sites on attendingrepparttar 150082 next Teva Mountain Games or watching it onrepparttar 150083 OLN cable network fromrepparttar 150084 comfort of your own home. It is thrilling to watch professional athletes in action. You might learn a thing or two about your favorite sport and have fun inrepparttar 150085 process.

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Learn to Kayak on the West Coast

Written by Monica Marty

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Kayaking is a great way to spend quality time with your children. They offer a family friendly environment specializing in kids kayaking lessons as well. Kayaking for kids is broken down by age group. They offer camps and other family/group activities. The entire family can take part in your kayaking adventure.

Kayaking trips through exotic locations are popular. They present a great list of locations to choose from. The trips can take place on rivers, lakes, and bays. You can pick from whitewater and calm water trips. Why not take a whitewater trip to Costa Rica? You will be able to enjoyrepparttar beautiful scenery and experiencerepparttar 150032 vast rain forests. Vacation photographs from this trip will actually be a hit with your family and neighbors.

Whether you are a novice or skilled kayaker, Current Adventures Kayak School and Trips has a program that will benefit your kayaking skills. The clinics and trips are fun and add spice to your vacation. If you are considering kayaking onrepparttar 150033 West coast then be sure to check them out. Further information can be found at

Monica Marty is a kayaking fan and webmaster of where you will find a Free directory and information on Kayaking

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