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Written by Joe Reinbold

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Network Solutions Whois Site and enterrepparttar URL. You should in most cases be able to determine who registeredrepparttar 127567 domain name, where they are located, a telephone number and/or email address. This will be underrepparttar 127568 Administrative contact section. You can also determine who hostsrepparttar 127569 site.

Ifrepparttar 127570 URL ends in one ofrepparttar 127571 new domain types i.e., .tv, .ta, or .de for example I generally userepparttar 127572 site since it has info on these type domains:

There are a couple of discussion boards that may have information that may help you. They are:

Victims Against Scams

Friends In Business (Scams 101)

iCop! Discussion Forum (International Council of Online Professionals)

The Home Business & Marketing Discussion Board

A couple of sites that you may want to also check are:

The Consumer Sentinel

Internet ScamBusters

The Federal Trade Commission

One other resource isrepparttar 127573 good old online telephone books. If you have an address or telephone number go to or and check them out. You can userepparttar 127574 telephone number and do a "reverse directory check" which checksrepparttar 127575 telephone number and gives you a name and address. You can also check outrepparttar 127576 address that you have and sometimes may be able to tell ifrepparttar 127577 address is a valid business office or a mail drop by making a couple of telephone calls.

If you are getting ready to spend some of your hard earned money by joining a money making opportunity whether it is a one time cost or a monthly cost, make sure that you check it out. First you want to reassure yourself that it is legit and secondly if you are going to promote it, you want to make sure you have confidence in it since you are going to risk your reputation by recommending it to others.

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Written by Susie Michelle Cortright

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THE OVERHYPED Be leery if there is a strict time limit for investing in a business opportunity. Scammers know thatrepparttar faster you act,repparttar 127566 less you think (and research). And if this is a fly-by-night company, these time limits provide a better opportunity to takerepparttar 127567 money and run.

Also, don't get too excited about deep discounts on starting costs. More costs may come later. And keep in mind that, in many states,repparttar 127568 government does not regulate business opportunities with investments of less than $500. Some of repparttar 127569 worst scams may fall into this category.

RESEARCH Use your knowledge ofrepparttar 127570 internet to avoid being scammed. Check for listings withrepparttar 127571 National Fraud Information Center ( as well asrepparttar 127572 Better Business Bureau (

You can also conduct a search forrepparttar 127573 business opportunities on Google Groups ( Here you'll find an archive of newsgroup postings. If someone has been scammed, chances are they'll want to warn others.

IF YOU DECIDE TO SIGN... Get everything in writing, including business expenses-- from fees to equipment to supplies. Willrepparttar 127574 company refund any of your initial investment if you change your mind? Keep detailed records.

Some online opportunities are lucrative and legitimate, and--armed with a few online resources--it's never been easier to sortrepparttar 127575 good fromrepparttar 127576 bad.

When it comes to working from home, "when there's a will, there's a way." Now it's up to you to findrepparttar 127577 way that best suits you and your lifestyle.

Susie Michelle Cortright is the founder of Achieving At Home, an online support center for parents who want to work from home. She is also the editor of Momscape ( and the author of More Energy for Moms.

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