Cheap Web Hosting is No Bargain!

Written by Jim Edwards

Continued from page 1 For about $24.95 a month you get to host up to six independent websites with a single account. You get unlimited data storage, unlimited email and a variety of other higher end services, but their bandwidth policy seems hard to understand.

They did shut me down when we had a moderate level of success even though I paid them an extra $300 to get what they called "maximum" bandwidth. I was NOT pleased and promptly movedrepparttar site ( to another host. Host Save is another low price hosting company that delivers a wide range of services for only $6.95 per month. They recently raised their allowable data transfer, but their policy on how much bandwidth you can use at a given time seems non-existent. For $25 DotEasy offers a domain name purchase along with one year's hosting. Sounds incredible until you readrepparttar 134436 fine print to discover they limit you to 1 Gigabyte of data transfer a month. Not much data once you start getting reasonable site traffic.

The moral here?

Either prepare to have your business shut down mid-stream if you get successful, or pay a few extra bucks each month to ensure you have enough bandwidth and data transfer to operate without any service interruptions.

At a minimum, specifically ask about and readrepparttar 134437 fine print regardingrepparttar 134438 host's policies before it's too late!

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The Nimda Virus...

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is a 'resource hungry' virus that steals a lot of bandwidth and in some cases results in a denial of service effect. Nimda does not seem to damage or destroy any files however it is known to be one ofrepparttar most malicious viruses created, because ofrepparttar 134435 considerable amount of down time it causes systems, resulting in a slow down to a loss of traffic. The most affected industry isrepparttar 134436 'web hosting' industry, where, even though you may be protected fromrepparttar 134437 immediate affects ofrepparttar 134438 virus, you still get 'hammered' byrepparttar 134439 residue,repparttar 134440 excess traffic produced from other non-protected systems onrepparttar 134441 Internet.

Hencerepparttar 134442 industry result of this is a slow, to non-existent, service; or even a shut down of servers, until all traffic is attended to; causing great grief and many misunderstandings.

The name of this virus came fromrepparttar 134443 reverse spelling of "admin" apparently referring torepparttar 134444 "admin.DLL" file that, when run, propagatesrepparttar 134445 virus.

Written by Candice Humbley Fast, reliable and affordable Windows 2000 web farm hosting.

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