Chasing The Spider - Simple RSS Tactics That Can Give Your Site The Edge.

Written by Titus Hoskins

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That's MSN and Yahoo, but what about Google?

The real big Question: What will Google do with RSS? How will they use it?

The key may lie in Tags!

Tags is another application of RSS/Blog you should be preparing your site for.

Tags have hitrepparttar radar lately because Technorati, which indexes 4.5 million blogs, started sorting blog posts by using tags.

They have created a folksonomy, drawing tags from different sources, mainly which sorts or groups pictures and from -- where you create a tag when you bookmark a page.

Or if your blogging software supports categories -- this will be recognized by Technorati as a tag.

If you want to create a 'tag' it's very simple; just place this code in your blog:

<*a href="" rel="nofollow" rel="tag">Computers<*/a> (remove asterisks in actual code)

and you will have created a tag for computers.

These are really keywords for blogs and you should take advantage of them to bring targeted traffic to your site or blog.

Webpages can even be designed around these tags and RSS Feeds. Directly deliver or pull all this content onto an RSS Supersite. Say you have a website on 'notebook computers'! You could pull RSS Feeds on allrepparttar 105833 different brands, allrepparttar 105834 product review materials, allrepparttar 105835 company information or updates, etc. and build a content rich RSS Supersite.

You could even compile this Supersite into an RSS Feed and deliver it to all your interested prospects. Might make a very effective marketing system!

Information runsrepparttar 105836 net, RSS Feeds is nowrepparttar 105837 most efficient way to deliver that information. It'srepparttar 105838 nature ofrepparttar 105839 beast; blogs and RSS Feeds are more 'on topic' than webpages. They deliver highly concentrated 100 proof content.

They're closer torepparttar 105840 spider!

You get your content withoutrepparttar 105841 graphics, add-ons, website's closer torepparttar 105842 heart ofrepparttar 105843 matter. RSS delivers pure content. It's original acronym stood for rich site summary. Give me whatrepparttar 105844 spider sees and leaverepparttar 105845 frills behind!

Right now, webmasters can, for lack of a better word -- 'turbo-charge' their sites with these RSS Feeds. You can add daily updated targeted content for your site. Should make any decent SEO smile.

Right now, webmasters should be positioning their sites for RSS. Those who jump first will get a leg up on their competition to sayrepparttar 105846 least. For any online business, a strategic tactic or move should be considering or planning their RSS strategies at this moment. Get your site into position.

Forrepparttar 105847 MSN example is just one application of RSS that's coming into view.

But watch out ... this gorilla is just hittingrepparttar 105848 fan... onrepparttar 105849 horizon there are endless streams of applications for RSS. Keep your eye onrepparttar 105850 cursor... don't let RSS get too far from your radar.

The one who figures outrepparttar 105851 real potential of RSS will be 'King ofrepparttar 105852 Hill' for a little while until something else comes along.

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Using PPC To Maximize Your Search Engine Positioning ROI

Written by Dave Davies

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Selecting which phrase will producerepparttar highest ROI based on these numbers can be a bit more involved, weighing a number of factors such asrepparttar 105832 cost in either time or money (or both) to optimize forrepparttar 105833 various phrases,repparttar 105834 sales-per-click ratio, etc. Basically what you want to do is consider your budget vs. how much can you make per click and thus, how many sales you can expect per day based onrepparttar 105835 keyword phrase you have chosen to target. If a promotion can pay for itself over a 3 to 6 month period of time, thus producing a surplus after it is paid off, it can be considered a successful promotion.

It should be noted that this step is not an exact science. The number of sales you will get per day will be dependant on exactly what position you attain onrepparttar 105836 natural engines (your content is also important obviously, however you will have used your existing content onrepparttar 105837 PPC engines so forrepparttar 105838 most part you will be comparing apples-to-apples). There will be some guestimation but you will get a good idea of how many sales you would make if you ranked inrepparttar 105839 same position for all ofrepparttar 105840 possible phrases.

While I have not testedrepparttar 105841 above noted phrases onrepparttar 105842 PPC engines and applied them torepparttar 105843 natural engines I would feel confident in predictingrepparttar 105844 ROI would be higher for “acne treatment” based on two factors:

  1. The competition is lower and thusrepparttar 105845 number of sales required to produce a return on investment is about half that ofrepparttar 105846 phrase “acne”.
  2. The phrase is far more targeted. People searching for “acne” may be writing papers onrepparttar 105847 subject or just looking for information whereas people searching for “acne treatment” are far more likely to be looking for a solution to an acne problem.

While I have my instinct onrepparttar 105848 subject, were I to advise a client onrepparttar 105849 best possible strategy I would have to recommend testing these phrase onrepparttar 105850 PPC engines. It may extendrepparttar 105851 promotion for a bit but inrepparttar 105852 endrepparttar 105853 decision on which keyword phrase makesrepparttar 105854 best target will be based far more on statistics and facts than a simple guestimate.

Additional Considerations:

While this article’s purpose is to explain how PPC engines can be used to help increaserepparttar 105855 ROI of a search engine positioning campaign, your use ofrepparttar 105856 PPC engines should not stop there. While you are testing out phrases you should be making sales as well. Ifrepparttar 105857 revenue generated fromrepparttar 105858 PPC promotion is higher that it’s cost then stick with it. PPC engines are a great testing ground however they’re also a great source of leads and revenue if used correctly.

There are many PPC engines out there. We’ve researched a number of them and postedrepparttar 105859 ones that have producedrepparttar 105860 highest ROI for our clients on our PPC Engines page. These arerepparttar 105861 engines that we have found are worth sticking with once any testing phase is complete. Inrepparttar 105862 case ofrepparttar 105863 primary engines (Google and Overture) you will have to use your discretion based onrepparttar 105864 cost-per-click to determine whether they are worth testing or advertising on.

Dave Davies isrepparttar 105865 CEO of Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, Inc. He has been optimizing and ranking websites for over three years and has a solid history of success. Dave is available to answer any questions that you may have about your website and how to get it intorepparttar 105866 top positions onrepparttar 105867 major search engines.

Dave Davies and Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, Inc. offer guaranteed high ranking services.

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