Characteristics: Creative Types vs Clods!

Written by Michael Dimas

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Self talk [inner dialogue]: creatives talk in powerful confident manner aboutrepparttar thrills & delights whilerepparttar 136565 clods talk to themselves in self defeating and deprecating ways about why they can't.

VAK's: creatives visualize in large, color, 3-Drepparttar 136566 future with a fantastic sound track and how wonderful it feels to be doing it. Clods see tiny b/w pix with screechy voices and soundtrack and feel discouraged.

Beliefs of elite performers: 1. Everything happens for a reason/purpose and it serves us.

2. No such thing as failure just results or feedback for next step. The only failure is in no longer trying.

3. Take responsibility for where you are and who you are.

4. People are our greatest resources. We need each other. The interdependent paradigm.

5. Use everything now. You don't need to wait til you know everything. Get help for details. 6. Work is play. Our vocation is a vacation. Do what you love.

7. It's not what happens to you that matters but what you do about it. Persistence...keep on keeping on

Clods believe none ofrepparttar 136567 above frequently challengingrepparttar 136568 list as not applicable to them.

The Success Formula of high performers: 1. Decide what you want. 2. Take Action. Do something...NOW! 3. Notice what works, do more of that. Notice what doesn't, do something else. 4. Repeat above as long as necessary.

Clods do none ofrepparttar 136569 formula or give up quickly.

Michael Dimas is a performance consultant, workshop leader, motivational speaker, coach, health & fitness mentor. He can be emailed at or viewed on the web at

Dump the to-do list

Written by Janet Ansell

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2.Schedule some time each day to do what you want. These arerepparttar things that tend not to get done, so make time for them.

3.Declare one day a week a day of rest. Donít schedule anything for it. Donít do any chores. Donít buy anything. Spend it getting together with friends, with family, reading, lying about.

4.Block out a limited amount of time each week for running errands. Avoid doing them on your way to someplace else. Try doing them at a time when fewer people are out and about (i.e. Saturday mornings before 11.) If you can, leave your car at home. Patronize businesses within walking or biking distance of your home. Bring home only what you can comfortably carry. Try home delivery.

5.Donít confuse urgency with importance. Figure out whatís most important to you and make your decisions accordingly. Just becauserepparttar 136564 phone rings orrepparttar 136565 doorbell rings, doesnít mean you have to answer it. If youíre not spendingrepparttar 136566 majority of your time doing whatís important to you, take a long hard look at why not.

6. Dumprepparttar 136567 to-do list. Instead, createrepparttar 136568 Ďdoneí list. Focus on what you are getting done, not what youíre not getting around to.

Life is short. Use your time not only wisely, but well.

Founder of Slow Salon(tm), Janet Ansell loves working with individuals so that they can live the life they want. To receive a complimentary copy of the Time Cruncher's Quiz , or the Slow Salon newsletter, e-mail

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