Chanukah and the Downloading of Primordial Light

Written by Rabbi Michael Ozair

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Rachel and Leah

The total amount of years it took Jacob to transform on his life journey was 36 (from when he left home, and then returned with his new family). (Rashi, Bereishit 28:9)

Jacob then meets his soul mate Rachel (archetype of free-will), but gets tricked into marrying Rachel’s sister, Leah (archetype of destiny).

The gematria ofrepparttar Hebrew name Leah (lamed-aleph-heh) is also 36.

The letters are also a rearrangement ofrepparttar 122217 holy Name of God as mentioned above (Alef, Lamed, Heh).

According to Kabbalah, Leah isrepparttar 122218 Biblical archetype of unanticipated destiny. She may not be what we choose to have happen to us in life, nor is she even desirable, but when she is accepted and embraced (Jacob accepted her as part ofrepparttar 122219 family) it is through her that transformation happens. It is throughrepparttar 122220 influence of Leah thatrepparttar 122221 tribes of Israel are born and Destiny is fulfilled. It is through Leah thatrepparttar 122222 seed ofrepparttar 122223 Messiah is produced (through Judah, House of David, etc..) who will eventually come to initiate humanity into an Age whererepparttar 122224 Ohr HaGanuz,repparttar 122225 Hidden Light, will be revealed.

Now we look at Rachel who gives birth to only two sons. Her first son is Joseph, andrepparttar 122226 younger one, Benjamin. However, Rachel dies in Bethlehem while giving birth to Benjamin, at age 36. It was at this age, that Heaven felt she had fulfilled her life journey. Like Isaac, her grandfather, legend tells of her absolute willingness to offer her life (one incarnation) for a higher cause (in this case, Benjamin).

In history, Benjamin comes to represent Jerusalem andrepparttar 122227 Holy Temple since they were both built onrepparttar 122228 tribal land of Benjamin. It also happens to berepparttar 122229 same exact site (Temple Mount - Mt. Moriah) where years earlier Isaac was willing to sacrifice his own life.

Temple Mount in Jerusalem is one ofrepparttar 122230 most powerful energy vortexes inrepparttar 122231 world.

It isrepparttar 122232 same site whererepparttar 122233 Chanukah miracle would take place later in history.

Interestingly enough, Chanukah isrepparttar 122234 ONLY Jewish holiday that takes place in ISRAEL, and specifically in on Temple Mount in Jerusalem !!!

The story of Chanukah is hardly given a mention inrepparttar 122235 entire Talmud. Less than one page is devoted to it, while other holidays receive entire Tractates reviewingrepparttar 122236 holiday in depth and detail. The rabbis ofrepparttar 122237 earlier generations tried to play downrepparttar 122238 story of Chanukah for political reasons, but it would not go away. Today, it is one ofrepparttar 122239 most beloved Jewish holidays by both children and mystics – guardians ofrepparttar 122240 Hidden Light. -----

When doesrepparttar 122241 Chanukah Story take place in history? Inrepparttar 122242 36th Century ofrepparttar 122243 Hebrew Calendar.

The 36 Hidden Saints (Lamed Vav Tzaddikim)

According to tradition, there are 36 lofty souls present in every generation who sustain, nurture and guard this Hidden Light. Yet they that guard it, remain hidden and unassuming as well. These 36 righteous people are sparks of that Hidden Light. Through their refined consciousness, this light, warmth and wisdom flows into and permeatesrepparttar 122244 world.

Master Kabbalist - The Holy Ari (1534-1572)

Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi - The ARI - reverently known as Ari HaKadosh,repparttar 122245 holy Ari (lion) wasrepparttar 122246 lion of his and all generations when it came to revealingrepparttar 122247 depth of Kabbalah andrepparttar 122248 Universe as a whole. Until this very day, nobody comes close to his greatness and light in terms of revealingrepparttar 122249 Metaphysics of Existence, andrepparttar 122250 secrets of Torah. For our own interest here,repparttar 122251 ARI remained hidden for most of his life, until his maggid, non-physical guide, announced it was time for him to reveal himself and what he knew. He was 36 when this occurred, and died some 2 ˝ years later.


Our world is filled with mysteries, and it is inrepparttar 122252 darkest months ofrepparttar 122253 year, thatrepparttar 122254 most luminous energy becomes available. The hidden is revealed and its radiance is accessible to all those who wish to partake and be nourished by it.

The Chanukah lights, unlikerepparttar 122255 Shabbat candles, may not be used for personal pleasure. "These lights are holy. We must not use them for pleasure, we may only gaze upon them" (Chanukah liturgy). For these Chanukah lights celebrate a primordial light, untouched, reminding us that there are higher forces at work. It is our connection with these higher forces that replacesrepparttar 122256 false perception of separation and fear onrepparttar 122257 life journey with experiences of oneness, Divine assistance and trust.

In Earth school, we are inrepparttar 122258 process of learning and training ourselves to reach higher levels of consciousness. Indeed,repparttar 122259 Chanukah lights serve as an antennae for holiness, drawing downrepparttar 122260 energy ofrepparttar 122261 36. We place our lit candles inrepparttar 122262 window as a beacon to all passersby to remindrepparttar 122263 world that darkness can indeed be dispelled, obscurity can be illuminated, and that it is God’s Light which will prevail inrepparttar 122264 end.

Mayrepparttar 122265 up and coming year be a new journey of discovery for us all and may we jump with all our heart intorepparttar 122266 evolutionary unknown holding our candles of faith.

On a Side Note

This following article focusing onrepparttar 122267 Ohr HaGanuz,repparttar 122268 Hidden Light,repparttar 122269 energy of 36, etc.. just came up this year as an interesting approach to appreciating Chanukah. Only afterwards was I reminded that my own birthday comes immediately after Chanukah (Capricorn) and this year I will be turning 36. Not planned intentionally. Again, another confirmation that higher forces are at work.

Chanukah Sameach!!

In Spiritual Fellowship,

Rabbi Michael Ozair

Rabbi Michael Ozair is a spiritual life coach, counselor and is available for consultantion. He can be reached at or by visiting his site at

The Great Pyramid - Part Two

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Iesa also can be shown in Zeus and Hijaz or even Giza or Gizeh when you understandrepparttar aspirant 'H' which still allows people to pronounce Jesus as Hey-soos or Julio as Who-lio. The lack of ‘J’ in most pre-Christian alphabets is important and we can learn a lot about words when we take outrepparttar 122216 vowels and look for doubling or reversing consonants. I think doubling shows a removal fromrepparttar 122217 original so we see Bible and Babel and Byblos are all from BL or Bel and Ba’al whose city or ‘bek’ is very ancient indeed.

So a Jew includes all those noble arch-tectons (see Septuagint) who builtrepparttar 122218 Pyramid - that means all elites. And elites have been known to use their FLOCK as sword or cannon fodder. Hitler learned about this ancient culture of Wotan, Iesa,repparttar 122219 Vaner andrepparttar 122220 Gaedhils who arerepparttar 122221 builders ofrepparttar 122222 Pyramid in pre-Hyksos time.

“Conor Newman, an archaeology lecturer atrepparttar 122223 National University of Ireland at Galway, locatedrepparttar 122224 subterranean temple of Tara. Since 1992, Newman has been working onrepparttar 122225 Hill of Tara preparing a survey ofrepparttar 122226 area forrepparttar 122227 state-funded Discovery Program. He foundrepparttar 122228 Tara monument using an underground radar device. ‘It fills a very important place inrepparttar 122229 jigsaw because it allows us to make sense ofrepparttar 122230 distribution of other monuments all around it,’ says Newman.1

The Discovery Program, set up underrepparttar 122231 auspices ofrepparttar 122232 Heritage Council, carried out a survey ofrepparttar 122233 Hill of Tara between 1992 and 1996 when Mr. Newman was director.

When Mr. Newman moved to Galway he continued to be involved inrepparttar 122234 project. Using sophisticated technology, he and his team of experts mapped what was underground. Like Theseus, they seekrepparttar 122235 secrets ofrepparttar 122236 labyrinth-dwelling Mino-Taur,repparttar 122237 King of Tara. The work is slow and tedious, because it has yielded such a huge amount of information.

What they uncovered eventually atrepparttar 122238 crown ofrepparttar 122239 hill was a huge, oval-shaped monument measuring about 170 meters at its widest point. Around it are 300 postholes measuring two meters wide. Evidence indicates this `Crown' (tiara) of Tara was constructed through an enormous effort. 300 towering oak posts once surroundedrepparttar 122240 hill.

‘We think it probably dates from 2500 to 2300 BC and still had a big physical presence even afterrepparttar 122241 posts were taken out or rotted,’ Mr. Newman said.2

This isrepparttar 122242 approximate time of Abraham,repparttar 122243 "son of Terah" who becamerepparttar 122244 patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (the three religions atrepparttar 122245 root ofrepparttar 122246 holy War on Terror).

His "Oaks of Mamre" were well known and long revered.3 Credible evidence of them has never been discovered inrepparttar 122247 Holy Land. However, in Ireland clear evidence is found at Tara.

Legend says Abraham's oaks existed fromrepparttar 122248 beginning ofrepparttar 122249 world, and used to be green and bear leaves until his descendent Jesus died, when it and all sacred oaks were cut down.

Jesus (called Pan-Tara, `god of Tara') is known in ancient Irish history as Iessa, a name derived from I.A. or E.A. (pronounced Eye-a),repparttar 122250 Sumerian creator god who was portrayed wearing a fish suit. Lord Melchizedek,repparttar 122251 Pope-king of Jerusalem (Ire-u-salem) and forerunner of Christ who initiated Abraham and his wife, Sarah,4 is equated with E.A. The Irish called himrepparttar 122252 sun god Fin (an Irish name forrepparttar 122253 Sun), a pun on fish. The Irish are calledrepparttar 122254 Children ofrepparttar 122255 Sun, because in Egypt Ra,repparttar 122256 Ray orrepparttar 122257 Ra-Eye isrepparttar 122258 Sun. Ra's symbol is an eye. Hence,repparttar 122259 term Iris or Irish.

Fin (E.A.) presided overrepparttar 122260 Tara assembly, as a Druid in strangely flowered garments, and with a double-pointed head-dress and bearing in his hand a book. His two-headed miter of fishy form, his upright rod, spotted or checkered garment and basket in hand, are symbols that align him with E.A. His column (i, eye) or pillar of Tara is remembered asrepparttar 122261 Tree of Life of numerous traditions.” (2)

Are they intent on keeping us inrepparttar 122262 dark and treating us like mushrooms for some ulterior reason? Mushrooms thrive on manure but humans perform better when provided firsthand information rather than manipulative, trite and false statistics that compare us against others. We must authenticate authority and it must demonstrate a creative and loving purpose before we entitle it to lead us intorepparttar 122263 vast horizons of creative universe which aren’t (and never were) limited by some Malthusian economic model. They also aren't limited byrepparttar 122264 potential to destroy us, when you consider biotechnology, nanotechnology, mind-control, robots with human and other biological components as well asrepparttar 122265 usual greed and power needs of insecure deviates.

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