Channel Your Prosperity Energy Today

Written by Caterina Christakos

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Researchers at some ofrepparttar top universities have studied Lester’s technique and found that it really works to lessen stress, improve health and increase our natural ability to attract abundance. And stars like Joan Collins, Laura Dern and Sally Jesse Raphael have learned and use this technique every day.

This technique is easy to do. It is extremely easy to learn and it is provable. As Lester always said,” Take it for checking.” Prove it to yourself. Use this powerful technique and channel your prosperity energy today.

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Caterina Christakos is the author of And Dreams Lost Along the Way, How to Blow Your Competition Away at Any Audition and several children's books. She is also a firm believer in Prosperity Consciousness and in our inate ability to draw wealth and happiness into our lives at will.

Create the Happiness Habit

Written by Donald Schnell

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I believe you need to resetrepparttar switch within your subconscious that is purposely turned off torepparttar 122385 task. You may have feed your mind unconscious suggestions thatrepparttar 122386 task is going to be unpleasant. And guess what? Your subconscious is making it so.

No one wants to work on a task! It is boring and it is human nature to avoid that which is boring.

You must link your mind torepparttar 122387 success and happiness you are going to feel when you put this particular project behind you. Take a minute and invest some emotional energy inrepparttar 122388 successful outcome of this project and its benefits. Think what you will look like and more importantly, what you will feel like when you have put this project behind you.

When your anticipation and excitement forrepparttar 122389 completion ofrepparttar 122390 project is greater than your imagined “pain ofrepparttar 122391 task”, you will see that procrastination dries up. You have to stop feedingrepparttar 122392 procrastination beast.

Stop giving your mind procrastination thoughts. Your mind is working perfectly and only providing you with what you've desired, “procrastination'.

Imagine you have a “DO IT NOW!” switch within your mind. Turnrepparttar 122393 switch on.

Stop reading and immediately go torepparttar 122394 project and work on it for 7 minutes. A current of ideas, energy and accomplishment will flow in your direction.


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Doanld Schnell is the author of the bestselling new age book, The Initiation. www.The

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