Changing Your Mind About Change

Written by C.L.Hanna

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If you can afford to hire a trustworthy, professional, Interior Decorator - do it!

This is your home we are talking about! This is probablyrepparttar biggest financial investment you own...and this isrepparttar 124255 place to put your money. Unfortunately, thousands of dollars are wasted each year by homeowners who make choices that they are simply unable to live with. You will findrepparttar 124256 money spent for a decorator's services, invaluable. You should have peace of mind duringrepparttar 124257 decorating process - knowing thatrepparttar 124258 end results will bring you years of enjoyment. You may even learn some things from working with your decorator that will give yourepparttar 124259 confidence to make decisions on your own inrepparttar 124260 future. Change may become something you actually look forward to - almost as much as Spring!

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C.L. Hanna is the owner of HEART'S DOOR which specializes in the use of vintage and collectble items in home decorating. After over 20 years of collecting and interior decorating she recently took her shop online at

Getting Away From It All...Right Inside Your Own Front Door

Written by C.L.Hanna

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Create and use storage spaces for those things that would otherwise become clutter - and create chaos. Remember, clutter usually makes a place appear dirty... or at least un-inviting. Give things you use on a regular basis - a regular place to call their own...everything in it's place means less wasted time and less frustration. Clean on a regular basis...but also choose materials and accessories which are easy to clean. Addrepparttar sound of water or other soothing backround sounds...instead ofrepparttar 124254 constant "chatter" ofrepparttar 124255 television. You will find it's also good for encouraging conversation. And there is nothing stopping you from turning offrepparttar 124256 phone now and then, either. Putting more effort into making your home someplace special will pay off

But be warned...when others see what your home has become - that wonderful haven fromrepparttar 124257 stresses ofrepparttar 124258 world - they may be trying to "get away from it all" at your house! Be sure to specify "check out times" and post them where they can be easily seen by guests.

Copyright 2000-2003 Hearts Door (c/o C.L. Hanna)

the owner of "HEART'S DOOR", which specializes in the creative use of collectibles and vintage items in home-decorating. Having been involved in Interior Decorating and collecting for over 20 years she recently took her shop online at

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