Changing Web Hosting Providers

Written by Geraldine Jensen

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Upload files torepparttar new host: Using your FTP program connect to your new web host. Right click onrepparttar 134318 folder (e.g. public_html or www -- or if not present no folder maybe required- ask your web hosting provider if you are unsure) and choose upload. When asked where to upload these files from, chooserepparttar 134319 folders and files to upload.

Upload databases: login torepparttar 134320 control panel at your new web hosting provider, go to Mysql, and use phpmyadmin or a similar program. Chooserepparttar 134321 insert or upload option and selectrepparttar 134322 location ofrepparttar 134323 database file you downloaded before that is stored on your computer. Click "ok or submit". Duringrepparttar 134324 import you will see some database commands, but towardsrepparttar 134325 bottom it will tell you if it failed or was successful. Be patient, don't interrupt this process, wait forrepparttar 134326 final statement telling you ifrepparttar 134327 import was successful. Repeat this process for all of your Mysql databases.

Final Steps

Set up email address using your new control panel. Userepparttar 134328 "help" if needed to learn how to do this atrepparttar 134329 new web host.

- check that all your software on your new web host site is working properly.

- you might have to change config files if Mysql databases, username or password are different from your old web host.

- If something doesn't work checkrepparttar 134330 permission rights of your scripts.

- Make sure that all links work.

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Written by Rachel Hathorn

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