Changing The Tone

Written by Scott C. Smith

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The pundits have also written books attacking liberals. Ann Coulter, a frequent guest on shows like Fox's Hannity and Colmes, has written a number of books slamming liberals. Sean Hannity of Hannity and Colmes also writes books, and includes titles that say "Deliver Us From Evil...defeating...Depotism and Liberalism." As if liberals were a group that needed to be destroyed. Michael Savage's latest book likens liberalism to a mental illness. On cable news, most conservatives are free to spew their hatred of liberals with little opposition. Hannity and Colmes, which stars Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes, is a perfect example of this dynamic. It's not an exaggeration that at timesrepparttar show will feature one or two (or three) right-wing guests "debating" with a lone liberal guest. Alan Colmes, representingrepparttar 143705 liberal point of view, is not nearly as aggressive as Hannity in defending liberals or Democrats. Colmes may at times attempt a sort of aggressive response to a comment made by a conservative guest, but he doesn't come close torepparttar 143706 hatred espoused by Hannity. His technique for a liberal guest is to simply barragerepparttar 143707 guest with questions (or, more typically, statements) and demand that a liberal respond. Hannity has a number of pet liberals (like Colmes) he likes, such as "liberal" Fox News contributor Susan Estritch, who more likely than not will agree with Hannity. So much for "fair and balanced." It's time for Democrats, liberals and progressives to take a stand againstrepparttar 143708 onslought of liberal hatred byrepparttar 143709 Republican politicians and pundits. Liberals like to take a beating, it seems, atrepparttar 143710 hands of conservatives. I think many liberals believe it is better to takerepparttar 143711 high road and not sink torepparttar 143712 level of a conservative who can scream over and over about how liberals hate America. It's not better. We need to defend ourselves and aggressively promote an agenda. Democrats in Congress seem to spend most of their time on defense against Republicans, rather than coming together to put forth a bold agenda on what direction to take America. Polls supportrepparttar 143713 idea that Americans are not happy withrepparttar 143714 direction Bush is takingrepparttar 143715 country, in some polls that number was about 60%. Democrats have a chance of taking a step towards removingrepparttar 143716 Republican majority inrepparttar 143717 2006 mid-term elections. With bold leadership and clear ideas on how to make America better, we may just make it happen. Here's hoping it will.

Scott C. Smith is a Beaverton, Oregon freelance writer and regular contributor to Counterbias. Scott also writes for his blog, What’s In Scott’s Head, at Scott C. Smith dot net. Scott’s columns have also appeared at the liberal web sites Democratic Underground and The Smirking Chimp.

Dubious Democracy

Written by The Indy Voice

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According torepparttar Uniform Code of Military Justice every soldier must obey LAWFUL orders of their superiors includingrepparttar 143562 Commander-in-Chief. The internal conflict withinrepparttar 143563 soldier thatrepparttar 143564 Downing Street memo could raise is if President George W. Bush did in fact lie us into war violatingrepparttar 143565 constitution and international law. If that did in fact occur our soldiers would be under no obligation to follow his illegal orders. Imagine 150,000 armed troops realizing that not only do they not have to followrepparttar 143566 illegal orders of this Commander-in-Chief but that over 1700 of their brothers and sisters have died for a lie.

Isrepparttar 143567 memo in and of itself reason for impeachment? Absolutely not but it does leave us asking some very serious questions that MUST be resolved. Depending uponrepparttar 143568 answers to these questionsrepparttar 143569 President ofrepparttar 143570 United States may be impeached. That point is well off. First, questions must be asked ofrepparttar 143571 principals in hearings byrepparttar 143572 Congress. Questions to Sir Richard Dearlove, Jack Straw and Matthew Rycroft who are responsible forrepparttar 143573 content ofrepparttar 143574 memo. Questions like do you disputerepparttar 143575 minutes contained withinrepparttar 143576 memo? Who did you meet with inrepparttar 143577 U.S.? When did you meet? What was discussed? Were you told that this President wanted to go to war with Iraq? Was an ultimatum issued to Iraq so that war could be legally justified? Was any other nation brought intorepparttar 143578 discussions about Iraq prior torepparttar 143579 U.N. resolution? Who orderedrepparttar 143580 escalation ofrepparttar 143581 bombing of Iraq prior torepparttar 143582 start ofrepparttar 143583 war andrepparttar 143584 U.N. resolution, torepparttar 143585 point of dropping twice as many bombs asrepparttar 143586 previous year in a matter of months? How was this legally justified? Was intelligence being presented torepparttar 143587 American people,repparttar 143588 United Nations and Congress knowingly false or inflated to justify war? Is it known whether or not this administration was intent upon war despiterepparttar 143589 reality ofrepparttar 143590 situation?

These questions must be asked ofrepparttar 143591 highest members of our government. Failure to ask them goes way beyond partisan control and goes directlyrepparttar 143592 heart of our democracy. Ifrepparttar 143593 Republicans cannot rise above what's good for their party forrepparttar 143594 greater good ofrepparttar 143595 United States of America this experiment known as democracy is frankly headed towards failure.

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