Change Your Life With a Commitment to Weight Loss

Written by Tammy Corbett

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Visualizing a Thinner You

Undoubtedly, weight loss hasrepparttar power to change your professional life, but it also hasrepparttar 140532 ability to change your romantic life. Whether you are attached or single, a new thinner you will have more confidence inrepparttar 140533 field of love. Perhaps you will surprise your husband by wearing that sexy dress you had always thought of wearing but never hadrepparttar 140534 courage to do so. Or, maybe you will finally ask that gorgeous librarian out on a romantic date. Losing weight not only sheds extra pounds from your body, but it also does away with feelings of fear and intimidation. Once you conquer weight loss, you will feel as if anything is possible, and it is!

When you start to feel as if you will never loserepparttar 140535 weight and dieting is just too hard, think ofrepparttar 140536 new thinner you that is just aroundrepparttar 140537 corner. Imaginerepparttar 140538 added energy you will have,repparttar 140539 increased confidence andrepparttar 140540 overall feeling of well being. Weight loss is hard work, butrepparttar 140541 end result is well worth it!

Tammy Corbett is weight loss consultant and author of several articles on the importance of weight loss programs.

Hunger Free Eating - How To Eat Less And Not Feel Hungry

Written by William Bolton

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To make apple more effective as a snack it should be chewed in small bite sizes and each bite should be chewed thirty times. Each chew will take around a second so that each bite will be chewed for about half a minute. An apple can be cut into 10 to 16 pieces so that it can last up to five to eight minutes. By drinking a glass of water either before or afterrepparttar apple will give a feeling of fullness with no added calories. You can see many other aids to dieting in my book 50 Slimming Tips Eating fewer calories is easy if you eatrepparttar 140506 right foods more slowly. Becoming overweight is not just eatingrepparttar 140507 wrong food but eating too fast. There are many ways to eat better and this is an example. This is in article fromrepparttar 140508 book

By William Bolton

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