Change Wood Into Gold

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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You will find hundreds of woodworking project plans atrepparttar web site: for $10.00 and up. A good source for quality hardwoods, woodworking materials, power and hand tools, is Woodworkers Source which has stores in Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.

Tips for a wood craft products Web site:

- On your Web site, highlightrepparttar 117406 fact that you can make custom and personalized wood craft products. Customization is what puts your work a step above manufactured products, and allows you to charge a premium price.

- You can generate extra profits by selling kits, patterns and instructions that let your fellow woodworkers copy your wood craft products. You will be surprised how many people who bought a pattern will return later to purchase a finished poduct.

- It is very important to display good pictures of your products on your web site, but one problem I frequently find at wood craft product sites is a total disregard for Web page load times. Most people accessrepparttar 117407 web over a 56K dial-up connection. The size of a Web page, including allrepparttar 117408 images displayed onrepparttar 117409 page, should be less than 200 KBytes.

People yearn forrepparttar 117410 quality and warmth of hand-crafted wood products. Don't limit your sales to your Web site. Hand-crafted wood products are one ofrepparttar 117411 premier items sold at Web auction sites, craft fairs and craft malls. If you like to work with your hands, you can turn wood into gold! ----------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 117412 Web visit To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to -----------------------------------------------------------


The Top 11 Things That May Surprise You When You Become an Entrepreneur

Written by Susan Dunn, the Marketing Coach

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REALITY: No, but you'll be free-ER. Your clients will dictate a lot of your schedule, andrepparttar tasks that must be done, but in general you will be much freer working for yourself. Many times when I'm working late at night I've thought, "If someone else were making me work these kinds of hours I'd be mad." When it's you, it's different. When you reaprepparttar 117405 immediate rewards, it's different.

8. MYTH: I'll run things right. No more madness and disorganization.

REALITY: One ofrepparttar 117406 best personal growth things about working for yourself is you see what's you and what isn't. You also learn that nobody's perfect, yourself included. Allrepparttar 117407 things you blamed a boss or co-worker or manager for, you may find coming back to haunt you, which is part ofrepparttar 117408 learning curve. Your lack of organization your manager complained about is still around, only now it's YOUR problem to live with or fix. You no longer haverepparttar 117409 luxury of avoidingrepparttar 117410 issue by saying your manager is unreasonable. You bearrepparttar 117411 consequences now. It makes an "issue" a pragmatic problem to deal with.

9. MYTH: If I'm good, I'll be a success immediately.

REALITY: Most people who actually go into business for themselves say it takes 3 years, and what they don't tell you is 3 years of working very hard. There are very few "instant successes" out there. Makerepparttar 117412 commitment and stick with it. And again, you have to market. You may be good, but people have to know about you.

10. MYTH: I won't be able to motivate myself all alone.

REALITY: If you DO find this problem, get a coach and/or take The EQ Course ( and get this taken care of. You won't succeed at anything if you're dependent upon other people and things to motivate you. The reality is that most of us who can do what we love to dorepparttar 117413 way we love to, find that motivation is never a problem.

11. MYTH: It will berepparttar 117414 answer to all my prayers. REALITY: Inrepparttar 117415 bowling game of life, we facerepparttar 117416 same ten pins over and over. However,repparttar 117417 tradeoffs are much better. I now hassle with headsets that don't work, but I don't have to wear pantyhose. I no longer have to commute, but when I have a computer problem I have to call and pay. Overall, I'm much more satisfied. I recommend it!

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