Written by Kim Olver

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Do you recognize your own character in any ofrepparttar above descriptions? Have you read Spencer Johnsonís book, Who Moved My Cheese? This book is an excellent description ofrepparttar 147252 four possible characters inrepparttar 147253 Change Game. Inrepparttar 147254 book,repparttar 147255 first character was a little person named Hem. Hem was afraid of change and believed it would make things worse. He avoided it at all costs. The second character was a mouse named, Scurry. Scurry ran around in circles, just attempting to do something, anything. Sometimes he was right, sometimes wrong but he was constantly in motion. The third character was a little person named Haw. Haw was slow to figure things out but eventually he adapted torepparttar 147256 change and realized thatrepparttar 147257 change could bring something better. However,repparttar 147258 real winner wasrepparttar 147259 mouse, Sniff. Sniff jumped into action early, sniffing outrepparttar 147260 terrain and making a choice on what to do next. He adaptedrepparttar 147261 quickest.

Which character are you? Who would you like to be? What would you have to give up to berepparttar 147262 character you really want to be? Would you like to make a plan right now to implement these changes into your life? It will require a commitment and a good plan.

This is where a coach can be helpful. When you identify an area in your life that requires some attention and you commit to makingrepparttar 147263 necessary adjustments, itís strange how life gets inrepparttar 147264 way sometime and we revert back to our previous ways. A coach is someone who can keep you on track and pointed inrepparttar 147265 direction of your goals. A coach will support your progress and hold you accountable forrepparttar 147266 goals you set.

Visit, go torepparttar 147267 Free Stuff page and takerepparttar 147268 assessment called, Adaptation to Change.

Kim Olver has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a graduate degree in counseling, is a National Certified Counselor and is a licensed professional counselor. She offers free chats, assessments, a blog and an eZine, as well as workshops, teleclasses, e-courses, counseling and coaching. Visit her website at or contact her at (708) 957-6047.

Sexual Abuse. A Story From A Survivor.

Written by Fatimah Musa

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That happened thirteen years ago. And today I heard of his death. He was twenty years my senior but I still thought that he was rather young to meet his creator. He has brought along to his graverepparttar secret that we both shared.

OhÖNo, I have not forgiven. This man whom my parents trusted and whom I regard as an uncle has shattered my youthful spirit, my dignity and my whole life.

If only my parentís, teachers and friends knew why I misbehaved, probably they would feel more compassionate. But I canít bear to tell my mom. It would break her heart. And dad was never around. And when he was it was like I did not exist.

My soul weeps in pain. There I was, a ten year old girl who has not even physically developed myself into a woman. There was nothing about me that would have enticed anyone sexually.

I felt I was not worthy enough for anyone, not even myself. I punished myself by having illicit affairs. I did drugs and almost took my own life. And I when I awakened onrepparttar 147251 hospital bed, I was still fully alive. Asrepparttar 147252 years went by, I was only a few steps away from a correction home orrepparttar 147253 jail.

It was a long and painful journey to removerepparttar 147254 guilt and shame that I carried with me. It was a journey of pain and sufferings, of identifying my personality and my sense of self.

It was courage, determination and a decision to fight back that brought me back my life. I have punished myself enough and I was destroying my life more than what he did to me. I finally admitted that it was not my fault. I was one ofrepparttar 147255 unfortunate children to have to go through sexual abuse.

No amount of crying and punishing myself would bring back what could have been.

Fatimah Musa provides information, tips and quotes to help people become aware that any future success starts with their personal growth. You can visit Fatimah at

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