Change, or Reinforce?

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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Change also might be hurried by painting negative scenarios , as in "Unless we get more efficient, senior management will outsourcerepparttar whole department."

Tactically, change usually demands more communication, as in more often and more words or pages. As you can imagine, it takes more communication to drive change than to stay onrepparttar 141500 same course.

There are also tactics we can use to reinforce existing beliefs or actions.

To maintainrepparttar 141501 status quo we can stress a service record, as in, "Serving you with quality and service for 25 years." or "Your performance has been very good overrepparttar 141502 past year, Betty. Keep uprepparttar 141503 good work."

Reinforcement does not automatically rule out change; however, it emphasizes incremental and gradual change rather than major and abrupt change.

You can also appeal to shared values or experiences to reinforce. Nothing commits us to stayingrepparttar 141504 course like emotional cues that link good times torepparttar 141505 status quo. For example, considerrepparttar 141506 power of an advertising slogan that begins, "Remember when...." It connects a powerful, positive emotion with a product or service. By extension,repparttar 141507 product or service offers an opportunity to relive that good time.

In summary, make a distinction in your communication between reinforcing and changing. Decide which way you want to go, and then chooserepparttar 141508 appropriate strategies, tactics, and tools.

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Submit Your Website to Seach Engines

Written by Joanne King

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You can also pay someone to manually submit your website to search engines, but don’t expect this to be cheap. If someone is offering to do it for $30 - $50 I would recommend avoiding it, chances are they’re using a script to submit it.

For proper submission and search engine optimization you are generally looking at paying around $600 - $1,000 to get someone to do this for you.

To get listed in yahoo it usually costs around $300 for businesses. Yahoo will list personal sites that aren’t business related for free.

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