Champgne and Appetizers: Let the Celebration Begin

Written by Bogdan Voicu

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Stuffed Mushrooms Every appetizer that uses mushrooms is a good match for champagne. Of course, do not use any heavy sauce. Cheese filled mushrooms are a great appetizer.

Raw Shrimp Shrimp is a good appetizer for champagne at any time. Raw shrimp, especially, will makerepparttar taste of your drink a lot better. This is of course, when you avoidrepparttar 113147 heavy sauce.

Cheese Well, one ofrepparttar 113148 most sought for appetizers with champagne is cheese. But - yes, there is a but- there are so many types of cheese that it needs a new article. Stay put if want to find out what champagne to use with what cheese.

The appetizers arerepparttar 113149 introduction to a great meal but, when paired with champagne, they are even more: they arerepparttar 113150 start of a happy time, of a celebration. Why don't you just try to make every occasion a celebration? Maybe we could be a lot happier then...

Bogdan Voicu is the owner of Choose Champagne, a site that will make your life a lot easier at times of celebration and not only.


Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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3. Gradually beatrepparttar eggs and flour together, addingrepparttar 113146 milk a little at a time untilrepparttar 113147 mixture has a nice, creamy consistency.

4. Beatrepparttar 113148 batter for a few minutes to aerate it, and leave to stand for at least an hour. Afterrepparttar 113149 hour has passed,repparttar 113150 batter should be covered in tiny air bubbles.

5. Heatrepparttar 113151 frying pan or griddle with a little fat (lard is traditional but any fat will work) and pour on enough batter to coverrepparttar 113152 area needed.

6. Cook untilrepparttar 113153 top is dry and then either toss or turnrepparttar 113154 pancake with a flat knife.

7. Cookrepparttar 113155 other side until brown.

8. Throw this pancake away. Yes, I mean it. This first one is just to getrepparttar 113156 pan going - throw it straight inrepparttar 113157 bin (or feed it torepparttar 113158 dog).

9. Repeatrepparttar 113159 process from 6-7.

10. Turn out onto greaseproof paper, sprinkle with sugar and a squirt of lemon juice as desired and either roll or fold for serving. Other toppings include jam, cream, sour cream, golden syrup, ice cream and berries.

11. Eat and enjoy.


If we were to stick to tradition, I'd have to say 'bad luck'. Fortunately, times have changed and pancakes have evolved with it so there are lots of vegan alternatives available.

I'm told thatrepparttar 113160 following egg-less recipe is delicious although I have to admit that I haven't personally tried it. If you do, I'd love to hear your opinion.

Makes about 8-10 pancakes depending on their thickness.


8oz (250g) White Flour, preferably unbleached 1oz (25g) Soya Flour 1oz (25g) Caster Sugar 4 fl oz (125ml) Soya Milk 10 fl oz (300ml) Water tablespoon of oil choice of topping (lemon, sugar, golden syrup, jam etc)


1. Siftrepparttar 113161 flours and sugar together.

2. Mixrepparttar 113162 soya milk and water together, and add torepparttar 113163 dry ingredients a little at a time, until you have a smooth batter with a pouring consistency.

3. Put a little oil inrepparttar 113164 pan and heat until very hot.

4. Using a ladle, droprepparttar 113165 equivalent of about three tablespoons ofrepparttar 113166 batter intorepparttar 113167 pan and immediately tilt it to ensure an even spread.

5. Cook until bubbles appear onrepparttar 113168 surface, then cross your fingers and tossrepparttar 113169 pancake. Failing this, flip it over with a spatula.

6. Cookrepparttar 113170 other side for a similar length of time - a good test of readiness is when it slides aroundrepparttar 113171 pan and is speckled with brown spots.

7. Makerepparttar 113172 first pancake a sacrificial one to seasonrepparttar 113173 pan. Ie throw it away!

8. Eat any disasters (or successes for that matter) with lemon juice & a sprinkling of sugar, golden syrup & a sprinkling of sugar, jam & soya cream or ice cream.

My grandad always used to add sultanas to his pancake mix - my mouth's watering just thinking about it so I might just throw a few in myself this year.

Whether you choose to stay at home alone with just a few pancakes for company, invite friends round to share with you or gorepparttar 113174 whole hog and arrange a pancake day race or visit a mardi gras carnival (there are some being arranged aroundrepparttar 113175 UK, although not onrepparttar 113176 scale of Rio, obviously), enjoy those scrummy pancakes and... happy tossing!

Sharon is founder of FriendsYourWay (, a web service dedicated to helping women in the UK find friends in their own local areas.

Sharon lives in Cheshire with her partner, Richard, and however many of her three children happen to be living at home at any given time. She's interested in writing, gardening, crafts and living life to the full.

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