Challenge Response Spam Filters Explained

Written by Niall Roche

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The process is simple but incredibly efficient.

Spammer sends email

Challenge response email server doesn't recognize address so issues a challenge email that must be phyiscally answered by a real human.

Challenge answer = yes = sender is authorized to send you email

Challenge answer = no = senders email address is added to blacklist and all future email from them is automatically blocked.

Challenge repsonse spam filters demand that a real person reply torepparttar challenge email. Spammers who generate millions of emails a day simply don't haverepparttar 141455 time to do this and are therefore blocked from sending you any future junk email.

Using a challenge response system initially can be extra work but after 30 days you'll see a dramatic reduction inrepparttar 141456 amount of email you receive from spammers. Our challenge response system is currently showing 11,000 blocked pieces of spam inrepparttar 141457 last *5 months*. Those are hard figures to argue with.

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What Is Spam?

Written by Lewis Leake

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Asrepparttar internet has reached its peak popularity duringrepparttar 141350 past couple of years, so have companies followed suit and expanded their abilities to advertise. The biggest problem is that they don’t know when to stop advertising.

The best place to begin with this manual is to give you a list of some ofrepparttar 141351 things that you may do that will leave your inbox vulnerable to receiving spam.

• Filling out a registration for an online newsletter is a common way for companies to use your inbox to advertise.

• Registering your inbox for promos and contests.

• When installing new software it is common to register your email address for updates, but it is also leaving yourself open to spam.

• Signing yourself up for just about anything online is leaving yourself open to receiving spam.

• Reviewing books online generally requires that you provide your email address.

One Common factor in all of these things listed is that you have to volunteer your email address to a company before it can be used. Of course, there are ways for a company to get your email address without you having to give it to them directly.

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