Chakras, Elements, and Emotions

Written by Farida Sharan

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Elemental balance is influenced by weather, altitude, temperature, climate, food and drink, emotions, thoughts and also shock or trauma. If we consider these factors in our life and whether they are causing excess, shortage or balance ofrepparttar elements then we begin to dance withrepparttar 150957 elements. If you don't dancerepparttar 150958 elements they dance you!

Ancient systems of medicine were based on creating a harmonious return to a balance ofrepparttar 150959 elements. Whetherrepparttar 150960 elements were called Greek humours, Ayurveda doshas, Chinese elements, or Hindu chakras,repparttar 150961 awareness ofrepparttar 150962 energies that weave our inner and outer ecology were seriously considered as a major influence onrepparttar 150963 patient's condition and method of treatment.

Other systems such asrepparttar 150964 water cure of Austria and Germany, Victorian ocean cures, high altitude dry cures for tuberculosis orrepparttar 150965 cave cures of ancient China utilised a specific element for a specific cure. Today luxury destination spas are created aroundrepparttar 150966 elemental energies to inspirerepparttar 150967 experience ofrepparttar 150968 harmonizing effect of treatments and environments that encourage a return to balance.

Also within each healing system there are elemental treatments such as heart nourishment, body work, water cure, fire heat, air breath, etheric sound, meditation and beauty which are offered to restore health through a balance ofrepparttar 150969 elements.

EMOTIONS The elemental healing systems and mystic spiritual traditions reveal wisdom aboutrepparttar 150970 relationship ofrepparttar 150971 elements torepparttar 150972 five passions from which all emotions stem.

When we truly become interested inrepparttar 150973 mystery, magic and vast possibility of our own being we become fascinated byrepparttar 150974 energies that weave our life experience. Usingrepparttar 150975 senses associated withrepparttar 150976 elements to feel, see, touch, hear and taste our world and our own being allows us to come into present awake attention so that we can learn from nature, life experiences, relationships and our own being. We begin to notice howrepparttar 150977 energies and emotions change, how cycles influence our experience, sequences repeat, and patterns reappear. The study of yoga, tai chi,repparttar 150978 I Ching,repparttar 150979 healing arts, meditation, purification and rejuvenation diets and participation in personal and group retreats and training allowsrepparttar 150980 time to deepen and approachrepparttar 150981 mystery of your own being.

In today's worldrepparttar 150982 multi-cultural mystic and healing systems are discovering they are teachingrepparttar 150983 same basic truths and realities of this world and our human experience. If you wish to explore your inner being and discover whatrepparttar 150984 teachings ofrepparttar 150985 chakra elements and emotions can offer you in your journey to understand, live and enjoy life as you fulfil your human destiny your, be assured your life will be enhanced in ways you never imagined.

EXPERIENCES OF PARTICIPANTS As well as being gifted with visionary mystic experiences, participants learn valuable information for improving their health, well-being and quality of life.

"I have met God I have touchedrepparttar 150986 hand of God I am a child of God. I am Love.

I am free, free to give and receive love. I am free to forgive. The past is simply an illusion. It really is okay to love myself."

³Dancingrepparttar 150987 elements was a very transforming experience that allowed me to free my limitations and fears and let my true self shine, accept myself fully for who I am and love myself, be in balance and be whole."

"The dances were powerful, profound, intense, grace-full and peaceful, fluid in and out of my being. If anyone is truly wanting to 'dance' inrepparttar 150988 arenas of wholeness and light and love and bring that out intorepparttar 150989 world we live in - this is definitelyrepparttar 150990 clearest path."

³The Air Heart Dance showed me howrepparttar 150991 pulse of life vibrates like an intense light, pulsating through each cell of my body and every part of my being. With each movement my illuminated body received pure love, absorbed it, then radiated it to all parts of my being. I feltrepparttar 150992 light gain incredible power and then pulsate back torepparttar 150993 universe. The love light expanded and contracted until there was no giving and receiving. The love energy became one it just like I was love.²

³I have learned how to life my LIFE! You should berepparttar 150994 Minister of Education forrepparttar 150995 whole world.²

MYSTIC YOGA RETREATS WITH FARIDA SHARAN Retreats based on the chakra, element and emotion teachings combined with living food and mystic yoga are offered by Farida Sharan, ND, Director of the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder, Colorado. Browse for upcoming seminars in Iceland, Boulder, Colorado and Puerto Rico. Retreats & Seminars will be soon be offered in Singapore and Bangkok

Natures Way To Relieve Arthritis Pain

Written by June Parker

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Ginger contains proteolytec which is a digestive enzyme similar to those found in papaya and pineapple. Ginger stimulates circulation inrepparttar digestive tract, helping to speed uprepparttar 150956 delivery of nutients torepparttar 150957 bloodstream and increases muscle tone inrepparttar 150958 stomach. Ginger's proteolytec enzymes are also valuable for nutritionally supportingrepparttar 150959 joints. Ginger has been successflly used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory.

Ginger tea compresses may be used to relieve arthritic pain and headaches. Keep a batch of ginger tea ice cubes inrepparttar 150960 freezer for makingrepparttar 150961 compresses. This way, both hot and cold ginger remedies are readily available. For arthritic aches, soak a wash cloth in warmed ginger tea and apply torepparttar 150962 site ofrepparttar 150963 pain. Repeat as necessary.

For tension headaches, soak a clean wash cloth in melted (but still cold) ginger tea ice cubes. Place cold compress onrepparttar 150964 back ofrepparttar 150965 neck or shoulders for 15 - 20 minutes. Repeat with fresh cool tea as necessary.

Ginger is naturally rich in assorted phytochemicals that work collectively to nourish and supportrepparttar 150966 entire cardiovascular system. Functions such as blood pressure, cholestral absorption, blood clotting, and circulation are all nutritionally benefited.

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June Parker lived in Hawaii for forty years where she studied and practiced herbal healing and lived a drug free, organic life style.

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