Celtic & Claddagh Jewelry

Written by Antigone Arthur

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Each ofrepparttar symbols used in celtic jewelry have different meanings. Some were created by artisans, whereas others were created by tribal members.

Knotwork Designs

Celtic knotwork designs are perhapsrepparttar 145971 most well known celtic symbols; crafted by artisans these designs are woven into rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and wedding bands. Symbols may reflect power and unity, and more commonly spiritual belief and kinship among people and eternity.

Other common designs crafted by Celtic craftsmen included:

  • Triskeles - The Triskele representedrepparttar 145972 importance ofrepparttar 145973 number three, which symbolizedrepparttar 145974 Threefold Sister Goddess worshiped byrepparttar 145975 Druids.
  • Spirals - This symbol was often found on Dolmans and gravesites;repparttar 145976 true meaning ofrepparttar 145977 symbol isn't quite known though many believe it representsrepparttar 145978 outer soul or higher spirit forms,repparttar 145979 idea of growth and expansion and higher energy. A double spiral represents equinoxes.
  • Animal Motifs - Animal motifs represent a variety of different traditions; Birds were thought to represent death transitions; Boars symbolized masculine power; Bulls represent virility and wealth; Cats represented guardians; Cranes suggested punishment or deception; Deer represented profound changes in life; Dragons represent magic and power; Eagles were linked to God; Serpentsrepparttar 145980 cycle of life, particularly when it shed its skin.
  • Crosses - The cross evolved inrepparttar 145981 British Isles, withrepparttar 145982 earliest form dating fromrepparttar 145983 9th century. Legend has it that St. Patrick createdrepparttar 145984 first Celtic cross by drawing a circle over a traditional Latin cross. The circle is thought to represent eternity and God's love which is endless. The four arms ofrepparttar 145985 cross have been used by other cultures to denoterepparttar 145986 four elements andrepparttar 145987 four parts of man (mind, body, soul and heart).
  • Chevrons - These symbols, resembling arrowheads linked together, represent power.
The oldest and most recognized of these symbols isrepparttar 145988 single spiral. Growth, expansion, cosmic energy, all of these ideas could be represented byrepparttar 145989 single spiral. The tightly wound symbol has been used by many other cultures sincerepparttar 145990 time ofrepparttar 145991 Celts. Many believe a spiral spinning in a counter clockwise direction is representative ofrepparttar 145992 larger summer sun.

Celtic knots are consideredrepparttar 145993 most ornamental pattern associated withrepparttar 145994 Celtic people. Celtic knotwork patterns were discovered all over Ireland in early settlements and at burial grounds. The idea that life is never ending, and that people are re-born at death is incorporated intorepparttar 145995 idea of loops or knots with no beginning and no end. One ofrepparttar 145996 more well known celtic knots isrepparttar 145997 Trinity Knot, which is actually a combination of Celtic and spiritual heritage.

Whether purchasing claddagh jewelry or celitc jewelry, you can be assured that you are investing in gems that are rich in symbolism and tradition. Celtic and claddagh jewelry have been around for centuries, and will continue to be popular in many cultures and regions ofrepparttar 145998 world.

Antigone Arthur is an award-winning author and freelance writer providing consumer information on such topics as celtic jewelry, antique celtic engagement rings, and celtic wedding rings.

Sterling Silver - The "Other" Precious Metal

Written by Antigone Arthur

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  • Sterling silver jewelry should be stored in a cool dry place to reduce environmental damage.
  • Consider keeping each piece in an individual cloth pouch to prevent scratching.
  • Use a jewelry cleaner or polishing solution at least once a month to cleanrepparttar surface of silver jewelry to help maintain its luster.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean silver; never use a toothbrush or other abrasive material that might result in scratching.
  • Clean silver atrepparttar 145970 first signs of tarnishing, when a yellowish tint appears onrepparttar 145971 jewelry. If you wait untilrepparttar 145972 silver has turned black, you'll have to scrub harder and may damagerepparttar 145973 shine onrepparttar 145974 jewelry.
  • Consider using chemical dipping agents which clean jewelry without scrubbing.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain ammonia which can also turn silver jewelry black, consider soapy water instead.

Sterling silver is a popular item in part because it is more reflective than many precious metals. Proper care will ensure that silver jewelry remains beautiful for years to come. If you have other items inrepparttar 145975 house made of silver, such as silver wear or other household items, always use a cleaner or dip specifically designed to clean silver metal. Never put these items in a dishwasher, because you will scratchrepparttar 145976 surface and cause irreparable damage.

Purchasing Silver

When buying silver jewelry, you should be prepared to take your time to select quality pieces, just as you would if selecting a more expensive jewelry item. Young consumers are often attracted to sterling silver jewelry because it is so affordable and beautiful. Sterling silver also comes in many contemporary and modern designs which are appealing to young consumers.

So what should you look for when shopping? First and foremost always checkrepparttar 145977 interior forrepparttar 145978 925 mark, to ensure that you are purchasing premium sterling silver rather than sterling silver plating. Keep in mind thatrepparttar 145979 more purerepparttar 145980 silver,repparttar 145981 more soft and likely that a piece will scratch, so don't go for anything more pure than sterling silver.

If you are looking to buy many different pieces, you might consider buying wholesale silver jewelry online. By doing so you'll be able to buy in bulk, and acquire large amounts of silver jewelry at inexpensive prices. Many jewelers and home business owners get intorepparttar 145982 habit of buying wholesale silver jewelry online because they can re-sellrepparttar 145983 merchandise at a higher price. There are hundreds of pieces to choose from, and you might even find a collection with a certain theme that appeals to you orrepparttar 145984 people you might be selling to.

Whey buying for yourself you should ensure you know what size jewelry you need if buying a ring. You might consider buying complete sets that include ring, bracelet and charm. Sets are very popular options for consumers purchasing sterling silver jewelry.

Silver is an exceptional choice for consumers looking for fine jewelry that is precious, attractive and inexpensive. Fromrepparttar 145985 dawn of time, mankind has invested in silver for practical and aesthetic purposes. If you haven't already, I highly recommend investing in a little silver.

Antigone Arthur is an award-winning author and freelance writer providing consumer information on such topics as silver necklaces, sterling silver charms, and engagement rings.

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