Cellphones are the devilís work

Written by Khalil A. Cassimally

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Cellphone radiation has yet another effect on your grey matter. It increases blood-vessel permeability inrepparttar brain. This permits molecules normally excluded fromrepparttar 127607 brain to seep in. This same thing happens in ratsí brains. It is now thought that this bleach inrepparttar 127608 blood-brain barrier may be accompanied byrepparttar 127609 death of brain cells. If however you likerepparttar 127610 fact that all types of I-donít-know-what molecules are pouring into your Ďdefeatedí brain, then only may you continue to use your cellphones regularly. But donít blame me; blame yourself.

And yes; youíre right! A ratís brain is not like a manís one. In factrepparttar 127611 energy absorbed byrepparttar 127612 rat is really low compared to what a person gets when using a cellphone! And what ifrepparttar 127613 effects add up over time? Maybe your head will literally explode.

Neuroscientist, W. Ross Adey of Loma Linda University says, ďYou have to ask, ĎHow much can people handle before it becomes a significant problem?íĒ

Cellphones may come in handy when youíre in need. But remember that many of your cells are dying every time you pick uprepparttar 127614 cellphone. Hang up!

Khalil A.Cassimally is the editor in chief of Astronomy Journal and Astronomy Journal Ezine. He is also the co-founder of the RCPL Astronomy Club. He is currently Senior Columnist at BackWash.com and Columnist for bbc.co.uk h2g2 The Post where he writes 'Not Scientific Science' column.

The FMUP ( Flawed Modern / Ultramodern Physics ) Theory : Superultramodern Physics (SP)

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi, PBSSI

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6. Laws of Thermodynamics - The same story as Newtonís laws of motion.

7. Mechanism of Basic Forces - Please consult my article ĎThe Superultramodern Scientific Explanation ofrepparttar Fundamental Forcesí.

8. Uncertainty Principle - The position and momentum of a particle could be measured with absolute certainty. The present limitations on measurement are technical and not theoretical. This is because particle and wave are two separate entities. If particle could be traced without disturbing it there would be no involvement ofrepparttar 127606 wave feature. The behaviour ofrepparttar 127607 particle is actually moderated byrepparttar 127608 logic of wave encrypted inrepparttar 127609 non - spatial universal program. However, when particle is replaced by wave ( i.e. particle disappears fromrepparttar 127610 picture, as space is a form of illusion, and its reappearance is determined byrepparttar 127611 logic of wave )repparttar 127612 position of particle is determined with absolute randomness or apparent randomness ( if hidden variables are present ).

9. Schrodingerís Cat Paradox - According torepparttar 127613 point no. 8, there is no superimposition of quantum states. Particle never exists at both places simultaneously and thusrepparttar 127614 situation does not involve any logical/conceptual paradoxes. Thus cat does not have to be both dead and alive or neither dead nor alive simultaneously. It is rather either dead or alive. And at any rate catís world of experience ( assuming it is conscious ) is physically different from that ofrepparttar 127615 observerís. So cat could be actually dead but found alive byrepparttar 127616 observer as death to cat means annihilation of all of its states of consciousness while its being alive torepparttar 127617 observer means itís being seen to be active spatially.

10. Einsteinís Equivalence Principle ( Acceleration and Gravity are Equivalent ) - This principle is a mere mathematical convenience, whererepparttar 127618 term mathematics is taken to mean in a very narrow or limited sense. Actually acceleration and gravity are different inrepparttar 127619 sense that gravity is one ofrepparttar 127620 forms of acceleration.


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