Cell Phone Plans – Choices Abound!

Written by Lillian Fuller

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The most popular plans these days are shared plans or family plans. Family plans are useful torepparttar small business because each employee can have a cell phone andrepparttar 133429 company receives just one invoice. This is a good way of keeping track of communication expenses. This applies to a small business but one invoice is a good way to monitor family budgets as well.

Prepaid Cell Phones…Diamonds & Dust


  • Prepaid minutes can be less expensive than contract minutes.
  • No Credit checks, no hassles!
  • No monthly bill, you’ve paid upfront.
  • No service fees.
  • Extras costs more, long distance and roaming fees can be very expensive.
  • Not all services are included, you may not be able to surfrepparttar 133430 web.
  • Your phone only works in analog areas (quite common in more remote areas).
  • Prepaid minutes can be more expensive on a minute by minute basis. Readrepparttar 133431 fine print.
Contracts – Bundles Of Bargains

The most attractive feature about cell phone contracts isrepparttar 133432 bundle concept. There are numerous cell phone plans to make it easy for you to adhere to a contract and get a bundle of great deals. You can get special “add ons” like three way calling and call display. You can purchase a relatively nice cell phone at a reasonable price. As mentioned above contracts are notrepparttar 133433 iron clad document they used to be. If need be you can get released from them and you do get nicer phones!

Companies You Can Count On

Tried & True There are so many cell phone companies and service providers these days, who can you, count on? Forrepparttar 133434 best hardware (the phone) andrepparttar 133435 best software (airtime and air quality), you could choose cell phone companies that have been inrepparttar 133436 communication business for a long time. Verizon is one of these companies. They have a long standing tradition of superior customer service and product dependability. AT&T is also a long established communications company with impeccable standards.

Up & Coming There are also some new cell phone companies and service providers who are making a good name for themselves because ofrepparttar 133437 attention to quality as well. Check out new companies such as Nextel (a proud sponsor of NASCAR), T-Mobile, Cingular and Cricket.

There are reviews you can read aboutrepparttar 133438 latest and newest technology about all ofrepparttar 133439 above companies so go to each company’s websites and check out how their phones rate against each other.

What’s Your Style?

Truly today, it is all about you and your unique lifestyle. This isrepparttar 133440 most important decision making factor of all. You know what you need in a cell phone plan. The key is findingrepparttar 133441 best one that will serve your needs best. Don’t be intimidated or overwhelmed byrepparttar 133442 number of choices out there. Just keep in mind; it’s all about your unique communication needs. Read these two short scenarios. They will help to show you what could be right for you.

Your job takes you all overrepparttar 133443 world. Your friends have a hard time keeping track of you because you are always onrepparttar 133444 move. You pay your bills onrepparttar 133445 internet and phone your family periodically just to let them know you’re “OK”.


You’re still in school and living at home. Your parents want you to keep in touch but you’re sick of pay phones. Borrowing your friend’s cell phone is getting old but you still need to check in.

The first scenario indicates that a prepaid cell phone would suit your lifestyle well. Make sure you prepay your minutes and avoid those pricey extra airtime costs. Use an international company such as AT&T so that you receive global coverage.

The second scenario indicates that your family needs a shared plan likerepparttar 133446 family plans currently available. Surfrepparttar 133447 web and research companies like Verizon and AT&T.

The Bottom Line – Choices Do Abound!

So there you have it,repparttar 133448 future is flexible and choices do abound. I hope you have found this article helpful as you make that choice between a prepaid cell phone and a cell phone contract. Keep in touch!

Lillian Fuller is a talented freelance writer providing tips for consumers about prepaid phone plans, family cell phone plans and shared cellular plans. © 2004 http://www.cell-phone-n-plans.com/

Steaming Manhole

Written by Thomas Yoon

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If there is a manhole atrepparttar top ofrepparttar 133428 boiler and one atrepparttar 133429 bottom, which one would you open first?

Think about it! Hot air rises. Heat travels in convection currents. If you were to openrepparttar 133430 bottom manhole first andrepparttar 133431 top manhole later, you will create a channel forrepparttar 133432 flow of hot air. Hot air fromrepparttar 133433 remaining steam will rise up very quickly and overwhelm you if you are atrepparttar 133434 top manhole.

So always, openrepparttar 133435 top manhole first, followed byrepparttar 133436 bottom manhole. Whenrepparttar 133437 hot convectional current flow, you will be atrepparttar 133438 bottom and not be harmed.

Think safety!

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