Celebrex Side Effects Lawsuit Lawyer

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

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The Secret Ingredient for Good Health

Written by Peggy Porter

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For different reasons, I believe. Time is a huge factor for many busy women in today's society. Adding one more thing to their TO-Do list does not seem possible. The thing is though, when you make exercise a priority, you often have more energy and less sickness to keep uprepparttar demands of that list. Women also believe that if they can't work an hour of exercise into their schedule, they may as well do none at all. Short, but consistent periods of exercise however can be more effective than longer, inconsistent, sporadic ones.

Think of exercise as movement. Make a commitment to move throughoutrepparttar 149300 day as often as you can. Take any opportunity to walk stairs, do yard work, takerepparttar 149301 kids inrepparttar 149302 stroller or buddy up with a friend for a chat and a walk. Userepparttar 149303 time thatrepparttar 149304 kids are at their soccer or gymnastics practice to take a brisk stroll. Be creative with movement. Participate in activities you enjoy. Join in withrepparttar 149305 kids playing outside.

According torepparttar 149306 World Health Organization, physical inactivity is as harmful to your health as smoking and doublesrepparttar 149307 risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and stroke.

There is a saying that goes something like this...If you don't make time for exercise; you better make time for illness. Can you afford to take 30 minutes out of your day to add some form of exercise? Maybe a better question is, can you afford not to????

Peggy Porter is a nurse, Wellness Coach, and author of YumME MumME Makeover-How to Balance Womanhood and Motherhood by Nurturing the Me in MumMe. If you are a Mom and want to start creating a healthier balance in your life, go to www.seekingbalance.ca and register for Peggy's free monthly teleclass and Ecourse! For more info you can also email peggy@seekingbalance.ca or call 506-832-0117.

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