Celebrating a Year Long Vacation with RentJillsHouse.com

Written by Erica Campbell

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RentJillsHouse.com isrepparttar ultimate online solution for locating over 13,000 vacation rental homes and properties. The site is user-friendly and offers information on thousands of vacation rental houses in popular U.S. destinations ranging fromrepparttar 142192 Outer Banks of North Carolina to Lake Tahoe. The website's purpose is to bring vacation homeowners, rental agents and vacationers together throughrepparttar 142193 ease and convenience ofrepparttar 142194 Internet.

Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, RentJillsHouse.com is a part of Trader Electronic Media, a division of Trader Publishing Company-Americaís largest publisher of classified and photo advertising magazines with an emphasis on bringing buyers and sellers together efficiently. The publications cover a diverse mix of categories such as automobiles, trucks, RVís, aircraft, boats, collector cars, motorcycles, ATVís, and general merchandise, jobs, homes and apartments. For more information about RentJillsHouse.com, call toll-free 866-572-9966 or visit www.RentJillsHouse.com.


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Yacht Chartering in Greece - A Few Things to Consider

Written by Emmanuel Mendonca

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Length of Trip

In order to getrepparttar most out of a yacht charter,repparttar 142116 minimum length of trip should be about 7 days. As forrepparttar 142117 maximum amount of time, that is up to you. Many companies will offer discounts for longer charters. Good charter companies will have lots of local knowledge onrepparttar 142118 best routes and places to visit, and will work with you to agree an itinerary, which suits your needs. Remember that you do not have to spend your entire holiday aboardrepparttar 142119 boat. You could arrange a couple of days atrepparttar 142120 beginning or end of your charter to explorerepparttar 142121 mainland. It is well worth spending at least two or three days in Athens - a wonderful city, which unfortunately is often side-stepped by people who head straight forrepparttar 142122 islands.

Emmanuel Mendonca is the webmaster of a web site called Athens Room at http://www.athensroom.com which is a free service for finding and advertising property for rent in Athens, Greece. Athens Room also contains a wealth of useful information about visiting, living and working in Greece.

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