Caught In the Cross-Fire of the Spam War

Written by Bill Platt

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In conclusion, it was stated, "Spam, likerepparttar one true faith, is inrepparttar 132812 eye ofrepparttar 132813 beholder. Again, if it looks like a bird, it might be a duck. Betterrepparttar 132814 condor dies than risk a quack."

These of course are just excerpts. If you would care to read his entire message to me, you may do so atrepparttar 132815 bottom of this page:

NO SAFE HAVEN: On two occasions, I have found myself squarely inrepparttar 132816 cross-hairs ofrepparttar 132817 radicals orrepparttar 132818 angry that wearrepparttar 132819 shield of SpamCop. I publish articles for free-reprint onrepparttar 132820 web --- much as this article has come to you today.

The SpamCop's suggested that I was hiding behindrepparttar 132821 free- reprint rights connected to my articles. They suggested that I was encouraging spam by making my work available to be published by anyone. In response to their suggestions that I amrepparttar 132822 enemy, I have added one term to my Terms of Reprint:

* You may not use this article in UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). Email distribution of this article must be opt-in email only.

Despite this step, I have been accused of spam twice because my article appeared in a newsletter that a complaint was lodged against. In both cases,repparttar 132823 SpamCop member did not file a complaint againstrepparttar 132824 person who was responsible forrepparttar 132825 newsletter --- they filed against everyone who was inrepparttar 132826 body ofrepparttar 132827 email.

Their complaint was received byrepparttar 132828 editor ofrepparttar 132829 newsletter, repparttar 132830 article writers,repparttar 132831 advertisers, and anyone who was fortunate enough to be mentioned inrepparttar 132832 resources section or repparttar 132833 Letters torepparttar 132834 Editor. We each had our ISP and Upline Providers contacted if our email address appeared inrepparttar 132835 body ofrepparttar 132836 newsletter and our webhosts contacted if our domain appeared withinrepparttar 132837 body ofrepparttar 132838 newsletter.

The only way I can completely avoid spam complaints against my domains is to stop writing altogether. I am a writer. That is what writers do, we write. To pleaserepparttar 132839 SpamCop's, I must quit being a writer or just "stay home."

POLICING THE POLICE. This is silly. If we cannot trustrepparttar 132840 cops to make sure they nabrepparttar 132841 right person, who can we trust?

There is in fact a movement afoot to bring SpamCop down called "Arresting SpamCop":

While some ofrepparttar 132842 SpamCop members are simply tired ofrepparttar 132843 same kinds of spam that irritates us, there are others within repparttar 132844 movement who have an axe to grind with everyone who crosses their path.

To suggest to a SpamCop member that folks should be trained in repparttar 132845 nuances of who to complain against in a complaint, you can expect a reply like this. "Jerry" answered my suggestion precisely this way:

"SpamCop users are literate, intelligent, virtually all college educated, well-versed in spam, and are more computer-savvy than 99% ofrepparttar 132846 world's population. It is presumptuous and arrogant inrepparttar 132847 extreme to imply they need a Learning Annex class to detect spam."

The question I have is to whomrepparttar 132848 term "arrogant" should be applied?

This is what my webhost said about my last SpamCop spam complaint, "As far as I know spam is generally considered to be high volume unsolicited email. So, as long as you are not doing that then I am not sure why it would be called spam."

CONCLUSION: Whilerepparttar 132849 anti-spammers rail onrepparttar 132850 ugliness of spam, it seems they are perfectly willing and likely prefer thatrepparttar 132851 only people permitted to send email should be those they directly give permission to.

Personally, I findrepparttar 132852 practices ofrepparttar 132853 radicals of SpamCop to be more offensive thanrepparttar 132854 activities ofrepparttar 132855 spammers. It is a terrible thing to say, I know, butrepparttar 132856 spammers simply irritate me andrepparttar 132857 SpamCop fanatics try to oppress my activities.

Osama bin Laden brought external terrorism torepparttar 132858 United States on September 11th, 2001. Butrepparttar 132859 truth is that terrorists have long existed in our country on our own soil, and great numbers of them proudly wererepparttar 132860 shield of SpamCop.

We all must make a choice, do we "stay home" or do we fightrepparttar 132861 oppressors who seek to diminish our freedom.

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Written by Bob McElwain

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Two Giant Leaps

They took a giant step by taking advantage of specialized software now available. It scans any document and automatically sends their "spam" to every URL and email address found. Fascinating. I'm now a spammer because my work appears in an ezine they have defined as spam. Nuts. This usually amounts to someone forgetting they subscribed.

Their latest step is even more absurd. You are now "spamming" with a 100% opt-in list if no confirmation is required. What inrepparttar world does confirmation have to do with unsolicited bulk email?

My thanks-for-subscribing message includes URLs torepparttar 132810 goodies. And a URL that can be clicked to automatically unsubscribe.

When you open your front door to a knock, do you close it and require another?

Facts About Subscriber Counts.

You're bound to lose a few list members alongrepparttar 132811 way. Some choose to unsubscribe. More make a change in their email address and do not think to subscribe again. Thus you will inevitably lose membership each month. Possibly 2% of your list.

So long asrepparttar 132812 number of new subscribers exceedsrepparttar 132813 number lost each month, your list will continue to grow. But try a confirmation request, and you may findrepparttar 132814 number of new members does not replace those lost.

Now explain to me how I'm going to grow a business in such fashion. And further, explain how SpamCops can decide that a list that doesn't require confirmation is sending spam. Then go on and make it clear just what SpamCops intends to accomplish with this demand. I don't think they know. They simply delight in hurting people.

So What's Next On The Agenda

Right. You guessed it. Content. If SpamCops can make confirmation indirectlyrepparttar 132815 "law," what's to prevent them from judgingrepparttar 132816 content of a given newsletter as unsuitable, and thus spam? Maybe a piece such as this one directed atrepparttar 132817 evil done by such a rag-tag bunch of low-lifes.

A scary thought to me. This would open a whole new world of opportunity to destroy helpless individuals.

Fighting Back

Don't even think about it. If you are attacked by SpamCops, respond minimally and politely as required, and get on with your business.

These people absolutely thrive on conflict. They glow with inner "strength" inrepparttar 132818 heat of battle. They can amass an array of other right-thinkers against you.

Forget it, for it's a battle you can not win. It is impossible to reason with irrationality.

Hitting Where It Hurts

However, you can now hit back. And inrepparttar 132819 right place. Their pocket book.

In a recent issue of her ezine, "The iCop Whistle Blower," jl scott offered a neat piece aboutrepparttar 132820 absurdities of SpamCops. She wrapped with a positive and powerful suggestion. I want to dorepparttar 132821 same here.

Serious minded people are joining in a class action suit against these people. You can contribute information or choose to participate. Here are some key links.

Victim Form - Explain How You've Been Hurt

Notes about how this all got started

Keep up on what is happening

In Closing ...

Here's a comment from jl scott. "I saluterepparttar 132822 people who are determined to organize this class action suit. Clearly, if we don't do it ourselves, these wild-eyed lunatics will continue to hurt decent and ethical businesses."

I applaud her stand. Come join in;repparttar 132823 water's fine.

Bob McElwain, author of "Your Path To Success." How to build ANY business you want, just the way you want it, with only pocket money.

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