Cat Lover's Gift Basket

Written by Joi Sigers

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-A CD of light jazz that he/she and their feline friend will enjoy listening to together. Cats love jazz. They have such exquisite taste.

-A great looking set of water and food dishes.

-A coffee mug with a cat on it.

-A Garfield book of comic strips and/or a Garfield calendar.

-Cat Nip-filled toys or balls.

-A ball of yarn. Stereotypical, sure....but oh so much fun!

-The Video Version ofrepparttar musical "Cats".

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and your desire to bring a smile to this person's face.

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Things To Think About Before You Buy A Pet Bird

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Depending onrepparttar size of your bird, you may want to considerrepparttar 135654 level of noise that he will produce. Parakeets make little chirpy noises that, forrepparttar 135655 most part, are not annoying. Conures, onrepparttar 135656 other hand have a shrill call that goes right through you. Most happy birds will not yell constantly, but it is natural for them to call out at times so make sure you (and your neighbors) can handlerepparttar 135657 level of noise produced byrepparttar 135658 bird.

Finally, make sure that you want to commit torepparttar 135659 care that is necessary to have a happy healthy bird. You’ll need to clean outrepparttar 135660 cage daily and make sure you provide fresh food and water. Food your bird a varied diet and have him checked by a vet (preferably one who specializes in birds) every year.

Birds can be very rewarding pets and take minimal care but they must be provided with a comfortable and safe environment and your companionship in order to thrive. Many birds can live for 20 years or more, so you are making a long commitment when you bring home your new feathered friend. This commitment to care and companionship is well worth it, however, asrepparttar 135661 rewards of owning these enchanting creatures are many!

Lee Dobbins is owner and editor of ePet Pet Center where you can find information on every type of pet including pet birds.

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