Cashin' Out with Affiliate Programs

Written by Ratliff J.

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4. Spreadrepparttar word! Lots of affiliate money stays onrepparttar 139580 table because we do not refer others. If you know other affiliates, send them an email and let them know about your new program. Of course, send your affiliate link id to earn 2nd tier revenue if possible!

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Pros and Cons of Third Party Online Affiliate Networks

Written by Veronica Dubak

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The Bad

Because as a publisher you’re utilizing a service, advertisers who also offer a direct affiliate partnership will typically offer a lower commission for publishers who choose to partner with them through a third party network. This is because it costs advertisers money to userepparttar services of a third party. Also, without naming names, some affiliate networks have been known for not tracking sales and leads properly as honestly as they could be (which means money from your pocket). Payment thresholds can often be fairly high – a $50 US minimum is common for international publishers. Finally, a payment delay of two months or more fromrepparttar 139421 date of a sale/lead generation can occur, asrepparttar 139422 third-party affiliate network waits untilrepparttar 139423 advertiser pays them, before they pay you (the publisher).


In many (if not most cases), having both options of partnering directly with an advertiser or through an affiliate network is not a choice – it’s usually one orrepparttar 139424 other. If an advertiser you like only offers their affiliate program through a third party, you’re limited torepparttar 139425 advertiser network they’ve partnered with, or not partnering at all. Affiliate networks are not bad programs to use, just keep in mindrepparttar 139426 issues outlined above, and you’ll be making money in no time!

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