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Written by Lane Bowers

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I know a woman who is a plastic surgery consultant. Although she has lots of good informational articles on her website, her hottest product is a tape she made of interviews with doctors regarding various procedures. It sells, directly from her website, for over $20 - and sells likerepparttar proverbial hotcakes, too!

A wallpaper expert I know has a little coil-bound booklet of 'Interior Decorating Tips' for sale on his website - for $10. It took him about 20 minutes to putrepparttar 125235 thing together, at a cost of about $1.30 per book!

How can you apply this concept to your business, and your website? Can you create an ebook about your product that people would be willing to pay for? Does your product or service lend itself to any kind of instructional information that you could sell? Would an audiotape work for you? Have you ever thought of creating an instructional videotape for your site visitors? A step-by-step visual presentation of your product or service could be justrepparttar 125236 goldmine your website needs.

Don't miss out on a whole new avenue of inexpensive, but highly effective, promotional materials for your business!

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Written by Martin Franzen

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There are many of these out there. Subscribe to all that apply to your industry and start posting. Don't just readrepparttar messages (that's called a lurker) but get ACTIVE. The more you post and respond to messagesrepparttar 125234 more people become familiar with your name and associate YOU withrepparttar 125235 person who hasrepparttar 125236 answers and who they want to do business with. The best part is that they are FREE.


This one is overlooked by almost everyone. The fact is that there are online services (you've seenrepparttar 125237 discs) that have MILLIONS of subscribers. But did you know that a large percentage of these subscribers never leaverepparttar 125238 service and venture ontorepparttar 125239 net. These services have their own discussion lists, bulletin boards, forums and more, where you can contact these subscribers and make your case; using your signature line of course! Since almost allrepparttar 125240 online services offer a free trial for 30 days you can fish in their waters for FREE. If you dig up enough businessrepparttar 125241 subscription pays for itself. Either way, YOU WIN.

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