Case In Point: What You Need To Know About Link Popularity

Written by Karon Thackston

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Link because it makes sense for your website. If you link only to influence search engine rankings, be careful. More times than not, this approach eventually leads to a drop in rankings or worse.

KARON: So, put ďsite-relatedĒ links in one section of a page and others in a separate section ofrepparttar page. Cool. Thatís easy enough. Now, let me ask you thisÖ what do you think about automated link generators? You know, those programs that are supposed to scourrepparttar 108156 'Net for sites that relate to yours and send automated emails asking for a link exchange? DEBRA: Iíve never used them, so I canít speak directly to their effectiveness. Since Iíve been doing this for several years, Iíve created a technique and amassed solid resources to assist me. Every job I handle is hand crafted, time tested, and client approved!

I will come offrepparttar 108157 centerline and say that you should always customizerepparttar 108158 emails you send to potential link partners. No one likes a canned email request.

KARON: What do you recommend we include in emails asking for link exchanges?

DEBRA: Create one that will stand out and be different. That email isrepparttar 108159 make or break in your quest to improve your link popularity and ďgetrepparttar 108160 link.Ē Write a ho-hum email, and it goes torepparttar 108161 delete file. Write a compelling personalized email, and youíll probably getrepparttar 108162 link!

KARON: Great stuff, Deb! Now, link popularity has other benefits, too, right? In addition to boosting SE performance, it gives added avenues for driving traffic to sites. What other ways do those who pursue link popularity benefit?

DEBRA: One ofrepparttar 108163 great things about linking to sites isrepparttar 108164 benefit everyone receives inrepparttar 108165 process. Itís one ofrepparttar 108166 few, long-term, low-cost, win-win situations out there. Sites that employ strategic link marketing programs know they stand to gain increased traffic for human visitors and spiders, brand exposure, a keen competitive analysis, and higher search engine rankings.

KARON: Yeah, all those things are important to online marketers. So, DebraÖ what isrepparttar 108167 most common mistake people make when trying to develop a link popularity strategy?

DEBRA: Iíve found itís a tie between not developing a marketing plan and failing to seerepparttar 108168 big picture.

Building a solid link popularity strategy is NOT just about slapping links on a page or making sure all of your Web pages are hyperlinked. It should be part of a long-term search engine marketing plan for your online business.

Link building and link optimization programs should be done in conjunction with a well-organized SEO campaignÖ period. Itís not a quick fix, andrepparttar 108169 changes wonít materialize overnight. But if you implement a thoughtful link marketing strategy, and invest some sweat equity, youíll seerepparttar 108170 benefits in more ways than one. (Or you could outsource it to a link popularity professional! )

KARON: Thanks so much, Debra! I really appreciaterepparttar 108171 insights.

DEBRA: Youíre most welcome, Karon. Glad to do it.

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Data Delivers Credibility

Written by Robert F. Abbott

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You'll find other professionals get credibility inrepparttar same way. For example, lawyers get it by citing precedents. Rather than talk to a judge in generalities, good lawyers cite previous case law and decisions by other judges.

You also knowrepparttar 108155 clergy gain credibility by citing passages of scripture, along withrepparttar 108156 chapter and verse numbers. And, how aboutrepparttar 108157 medical profession? For example, physicians and others don't speak of "heart attacks;" instead they speak of different kinds of heart disease and conditions. By being specific they gain credibility, credibility that sets them apart from lay people.

The concept works for just about anyone, in any profession or occupation. Suppose, for example, you're a sales manager attending a budget meeting, andrepparttar 108158 general manager wants you to increase your sales by 15% next year, far more than you're likely to achieve. To argue persuasively thatrepparttar 108159 target should be lowered, you might explain thatrepparttar 108160 economy of your city is only expected to grow 2% next year, that your main competitor recently cut prices by an average of 4.5%, and that your company's production will be just 5% greater next year. Now, you've got ammunition when you argue for a lower sales target.

In summary: Data, inrepparttar 108161 form of specific numbers or references, adds credibility to messages. It's a technique used by many professionals, includingrepparttar 108162 clergy, physicians, and sales people.

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