Cars: What makes them go?

Written by Holmes Charnley

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I nod. I nod in a way as to suggest that she will be telling me more. No. That would appear to be that. The battery has gone flat. I thought some words of wisdom would make it not be flat, but no, something will have to be done.

Thenrepparttar sun comes out. Had it come from behindrepparttar 133547 clouds a couple of hours earlier,repparttar 133548 engine would now be working. I thinkrepparttar 133549 sun might actually be smirking, but I can't be sure.

Sweetheart passes me some thick pieces of cable, so we can be towed. As I walk over to a nearby car to ask for assistance, I hear her tell me that they are "jump leads." I've heard of these.

Well, fortunately, at this point, I learn that she isn't entirely sure which nasty bit isrepparttar 133550 positive, which is negative. I feel on level terms again, though awkward. The couple inrepparttar 133551 car I had been approaching are watching. I can do one of two things here. I can endanger myself considerably, or simper inanely, allowingrepparttar 133552 man inrepparttar 133553 other car to impress his girlfriend no end with his knowledge of electrical currents.

My simper melts him. He's only too pleased to attachrepparttar 133554 leads correctly, rev his engine torepparttar 133555 point where I'm frightened and impress his girlfriend intorepparttar 133556 bargain. His ability to have his car remain stationary whilst he depressesrepparttar 133557 accelerator torepparttar 133558 level that would have had him pulled over onrepparttar 133559 motorway, had he been in gear, causesrepparttar 133560 blonde in his passenger seat to visibly swoon with delight. She's impressed.

Turns out my sweetheart was more impressed that I didn't know how to sort out a flat battery...

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Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!

Written by Mike Burstein

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As a way to protect sensitive information,repparttar security of one of these drives can't be beat. It's in your pocket!

Their size belies a huge data storage volume;repparttar 133546 current sizes start at 16MB and go up to 1GB. The pricing on these devices is steadily falling, makingrepparttar 133547 purchase of one of these handy drives almost a must have item.

Check outrepparttar 133548 accessories at your local computer store or go online to get a really good deal.

For very little cost you can now conveniently move data between PC's just as easily as accessingrepparttar 133549 data on your internal hard drive.

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