Carly Patterson: What Makes A Champion?

Written by Murray Hughes

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Certainly, her coaches had a lot to do with her success. They gave herrepparttar practical experience needed for proper training and forrepparttar 140904 creativity she displays in her favored events. Good gymnastics schools, dedication to her work, and certainlyrepparttar 140905 allure of championships kept her motivated, and as she won title after title, she improved withrepparttar 140906 help of internationally renowned teams of gymnasts. And, too, love ofrepparttar 140907 sport itself inspired by her coaches and her mentors aided her torepparttar 140908 point where she is today…but to attribute all of her success torepparttar 140909 work of these individuals would be erroneous without, of course, mentioning her parents.

Her mother, Natalie, and her father, Ricky, played perhapsrepparttar 140910 most important role in any young person’s life. They gave her encouragement; they were there when she needed them. This goes doubly for Miss Patterson, for they also showed confidence and interest in her gymnastics endeavors--in fact, by enrolling her in Gymnastics Elite, they gave her a good running start for motivation. It was with their help, too, that she got through some ofrepparttar 140911 most difficult times of her career thus far. An injury to her elbow kept her out of several national and international championships; it was with her parents’ support that she was rehabilitated, and has now risen to become an Olympic star.

You, as a parent of a gymnast, can certainly take this to heart. You don’t have to be particularly well off to give your gymnastrepparttar 140912 confidence they need to becomerepparttar 140913 best. In fact, all you have to do is encourage your child; if they show interest inrepparttar 140914 sport, let them participate. If they do well, encourage them further.

They’re already champions.

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3 Easy Golf Tips to Shave Strokes from Your Game

Written by Kent Smith

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Just make a full shoulder turn and a good wrist cock then returnrepparttar club from where it came from! When I say swing easy I do not mean decelerate onrepparttar 140868 downswing. What I do mean is find a good tempo and naturally accelerate throughrepparttar 140869 ball on your downswing with a complete follow through.

Golf Tip #3 - Relax and enjoyrepparttar 140870 game. Tension in your golf swing is your biggest enemy. One ofrepparttar 140871 tips that I have recently read is that once you get over your shot and are ready to swing....SMILE!! Believe it or not it is extremely hard to be tensed up and smile atrepparttar 140872 same time.

These 3 simple tips have taken 5 to 10 of those "dumb" giveaway strokes off my game and it will yours too! Just getrepparttar 140873 swing thought in your mind of takeaway withrepparttar 140874 shoulders for a full turn, easy swing back throughrepparttar 140875 ball to letrepparttar 140876 club dorepparttar 140877 work and relax! You will be excited to start see those shots going longer and straighter very soon!

Happy golfing!

Kent is an avid golfer and student of the game.

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