Carl Jung

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Northrop Frye addresses this growth that Jung studied in this brief excerpt. “Jung believes, however, thatrepparttar ordinary medical analogies of diagnosis, treatment, and cure are not adequate forrepparttar 135352 psychologist. The physical body nearly always matures in about twenty years, but in most peoplerepparttar 135353 psyche remains largely undeveloped throughout life, though it possesses within it a force of growth towardrepparttar 135354 ‘individuation’ which is its peculiar maturity {I posit Jung understood ‘PURPOSE’ inrepparttar 135355 same way Viktor E. Frankl did in what became Logotherapy. Jung understood that ‘individuation’ is aligned with allrepparttar 135356 forces and powers making each of us more whole when we knowrepparttar 135357 ‘one’-ness.}. This growing force withinrepparttar 135358 psyche is what Jung, in contrast to Freud, means by libido, {Freud was an ego conflicted individual who never understoodrepparttar 135359 sexual drive to achieve ‘one’-ness.} and, being a biological force, it behaves teleologically, just as an acorn behaves as though intended to become an oak tree. {With many other acorns.} When a psychologist tries to help a neurotic, he is helping releaserepparttar 135360 power of growth, and he ought to realize that any ‘cure’ is only one stage inrepparttar 135361 process he has started going.” (2)

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Words can kill

Written by Jaya

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To make things better, you quickly laugh it off and come up with a quick conclusion regarding your major event. You wind up inrepparttar most cheerful way and say bye, giving no absolute signs of your feelings. The moment you hang up, tears roll down your cheeks, almost not believing what she just said/meant. All of a sudden, you feel isolated. You feel there is no one you can really trust or no shoulders to lean on. Afterrepparttar 135295 whole traffic jam, you finally reachrepparttar 135296 destination place. No more tears, you tell yourself, you don't want anyone to pound you with questions. So you greet your mate withrepparttar 135297 broadest, yet fakest smile and you move on, with those words still bouncing back to you every other time duringrepparttar 135298 day. The same day that you were hoping to be beautiful is all a chaos...just because of words!!!


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