Career Decisions in Uncertain Times

Written by Amy Crawford

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This self-exploration could lead to a new discovery that may include creating a new career through freelance or entrepreneurial ventures, rather than looking to companies to provide it. This prospect could be risky for many, however. Johanna Haney, a mentor and author at responds, “I know a lot of freelancers in various fields such as writing, Web design, and PR, who are taking a rather desperate approach to finding immediate full-time employment. These freelancers fear a recession and are searching for a steady source of income.” Haney believes that there has never been a better time to freelance. Her book “How to Get Started as a Freelance Editor” states, “One ofrepparttar benefits of freelancing in this economy is that companies are looking for economical ways to finance things like an editing budget. One way companies do this is by hiring freelance editors rather than in-house editors.” Haney suggests that when you hear a company is going to downsize, send them your marketing materials right away.

All of this falls in line with what many life coaches believe. Candace Hammond of puts it like this: “People have been scared and have seen that life is precious and fragile. It reaches deeper than work, people fear not living consciously fulfilled, meaningful lives.” Many do not know where to begin.

Career coaches offer many services that help people find what they need, to begin a career that adds to their quality of life instead of drawing from it. There are also other services out there that help you search for careers that might be right for you, and one is It offers several resources from career diagnostic testing to career updates and information. For those who know what they are looking for but don’t know how to get started, may berepparttar 102058 solution. This site has ebooks on getting started in various unique careers and it offers a free mentor message board, where you can have your career questions answered by author experts.

Ultimately, career coaches believe Americans haverepparttar 102059 choice. If career changes are viewed as an opportunity rather than a crisis, then we are more likely to bounce back effectively.

Amy Crawford is a writer who specializes in career and employment topics. She runs the free Dream Job Mentors discussion group at

Clarifying Who You Are Seeking

Written by Rinatta Paries

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4. Pick outrepparttar most meaningful, attractive qualities you wrote down in #2 and use them to write a description of yourself. This will berepparttar 102057 first part of your classified ad or listing. The length ofrepparttar 102058 description will depend on where you are placingrepparttar 102059 ad.

5. Write a detailed description ofrepparttar 102060 type of relationship you want.

6. Would your ideal partner in #1 wantrepparttar 102061 same type of relationship? If not, start over. If yes, what would appeal to him/herrepparttar 102062 most? What words could you use to describerepparttar 102063 essence ofrepparttar 102064 relationship you envision?

7. Inrepparttar 102065 second section of your ad or listing, make an offer specifically targeted to your ideal partner. Incorporate items from #6 into your offer. For example, if you think clear communication would be appealing to your ideal partner, and it is something you both want and are able to give, your offer may sound something like, "In this relationship you can haverepparttar 102066 best communication of your life."

8. Finish your ad or listing with a request to contact you, in a way appropriate forrepparttar 102067 medium you are using.

---------------------------------------------------------------- Steps for clarifying who you are seeking for a relationship: ---------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Write downrepparttar 102068 qualities of your ideal partner. Be as specific as possible.

2. What type of person would your ideal partner be attracted to? Looking through your ideal partner's eyes, make your best guess and write it down. Don't automatically assume all ofrepparttar 102069 qualities will describe you. Be as specific as possible.

3. Doesrepparttar 102070 list in #2 describe you? If not, are you willing to grow and change so that it does? If not, go back and rewrite your description of your ideal partner and describe a person who will be attracted torepparttar 102071 qualities you have.

4. Write a detailed description ofrepparttar 102072 type of relationship you want.

5. Would your ideal partner in #1 wantrepparttar 102073 same type of relationship? If not, start over. If yes, then you now have an effective description of who you are seeking for a relationship.

6. Do not engage, date, or be intimate with people who do not fit your ideal description.

The above steps are an effective way to actively attract your ideal mate. Follow these steps to get very clear about what you want in a mate and in a relationship. You will also get clear on what you need to be willing to give. This isrepparttar 102074 kind of vital information that you need in order to attract your ideal partner.

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