Care of Moth Orchids

Written by Robert Roy,

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Moth orchids have no pseudopods to store water and for this reason they should not completely dry out. It is fine line to let them nearly dry out and at this point water them. You should be able to tell by seeing how lightrepparttar plant is before you water it. Another way is stick your finger tip down about an inch intorepparttar 113298 plant and it should feel almost dry. It is at this point you should water. Letrepparttar 113299 water run throughrepparttar 113300 plant (inrepparttar 113301 top and outrepparttar 113302 bottom) for about 20 - 30 seconds. It is important that any orchid plant does not sit in water because it will get root rot. Fertilizerepparttar 113303 plant twice a month with a week fertilizer solution. It is recommended to cut amount of fertilizer recommended by one half. Fertilize about every other week with a balanced fertilizer except durngrepparttar 113304 summer months of growth when you can use a high nitrogen fertilizer.

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This site is devoted to these wonderful orchid plants. Did you know they are the second in popularity only to the poinsettia plants? You will find a good deal of information on how easy orchid care really is. They are wonderful to have around your home or for that special gift. Orchid flowers are beautiful and can last for years. Your plant will be appreciated for years and years.

Grow Carnivorous Plants with Conviction

Written by Jacob Farin of Sarracenia Northwest

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Even with our horticultural skills, do plants die on us? Yes. But, we learn from our mistakes and move on. No one looks down on us because of our mistakes. Why? Because our beautiful carnivorous plants far outnumber those that didn't make it.

Many varieties of carnivorous plants are very winter hardy. We have Venus Flytraps that have been growing exclusively outdoors for nearly 10 years! We provide them with no special care other than full sun and a tray of standing water. They grow well for us because we grow them with conviction.

So, grow carnivorous plants with conviction. Over time, you too will have healthy and beautiful plants you can be proud of.

If you need a pep talk for growing carnivorous plants, visit It's a personalized and fun way to boost your confidence level when growing carnivorous plants!

Jacob Farin is a recognized expert on the cultivation of carnivorous plants at He is also co-owner of Sarracenia Northwest, a nursery specializing in carnivorous plants. To learn more about growing carnivorous plants, visit

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