Care for your dog's ears.

Written by Ruth Bird

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Hematomas My Golden had one once, a big one, from shaking her head because of her ear condition. My Vet says a hematoma can turn into a very serious condition if not treated. My golden had to have an operation for it. Hematomas are collections of blood. They are common in ears because there doesn't seem to be anything inrepparttar ear to generate enough pressure to stop bleeding until repparttar 150800 ear swells enough with blood. Ear infections, ear mites, fly bite irritation, mosquito bites, allergies and immune mediated diseases have all been implicated as underlying causes for this problem. Anything that causesrepparttar 150801 dog to flap its ears can make this happen and it appears to occur spontaneously in a number of dogs. Large hematomas should be treated surgically or medically. Surgery usually involves making an incision onrepparttar 150802 inner aspect ofrepparttar 150803 ear and drainingrepparttar 150804 blood, removing any blood clots that are left and then suturingrepparttar 150805 two sides ofrepparttar 150806 ear together by putting sutures allrepparttar 150807 way through it, in a "mattress" pattern. Sometimes it is possible just to place a drain and massagerepparttar 150808 blood out ofrepparttar 150809 ear daily until it heals. If you use a commercial ear product please make sure it is of good quality and please make sure it isrepparttar 150810 proper product forrepparttar 150811 condition. So many dogs have had tremendous ear pain and complications because ofrepparttar 150812 wrong product, orrepparttar 150813 wrong use of a product. An educated dog owner isrepparttar 150814 best kind of dog owner.

My name is Ruth Bird, and I am the owner of 3 dogs, 2 are Registered Therapy Visiting Dogs, my third dog is blind. My passions are health for people and pets and promoting a happy, healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Basic Discus Fish Care

Written by Rob Clarke

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They can be kept in bare tanks but benefit from bog wood and plants as these helprepparttar discus feel safe knowing they have some where to hide. If they get stressed and scared in a bare tank they can dash around and damage there selves.

Ideal tank mates for discus include small tetras from South America i.e. neon tetras. They are also ok with various cat fish and plecs but please make surerepparttar 150675 discus isrepparttar 150676 largest fish inrepparttar 150677 aquarium.

Discus can be fed on most aquarium foods and practically like sinking pellets. They also like frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp. Young discus should be fed 3 times a day and adults just once.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and learned a little bit more about discus fish. If you would like more information on discus fish please visit my site

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