Carbohydrates Good Or Bad?

Written by Lee Dobbins

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The fruits and vegetables, onrepparttar other hand are filled with nutrients. When you eat these, your body gets lots of high energy fuel that it can use to keep up your energy levels and help your body fight off disease. In addition,repparttar 145673 enzymes found inrepparttar 145674 fruits and veggies aid your body inrepparttar 145675 digestion process, thus freeing it up for more important activities.

So, in reality, carbohydrates are both good and bad. It is up to you to make sure you fuel your body with more ofrepparttar 145676 good carbs for optimum health. A good rule of thumb when shopping is to stick torepparttar 145677 outside aisles ofrepparttar 145678 grocery store and avoidrepparttar 145679 middle. Buy as many fresh fruits and veggies as you can (organic if possible) and frequent your local farmers market to purchase locally grown produce if you are lucky enough to have one near you.

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Attack Fat From All Angles

Written by Leonard Plank

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A successful weight loss plan is one that you can stay with, and not have to suffer.

This will include a moderate reduction inrepparttar amount of food you consume.

Eliminating onlyrepparttar 145648 worst foods from your diet for most this will be soda, and other junk food.

Working out (cardio and weight lifting) 3 days a week.

By incorporating these three things your not making any major sacrifices to one particular aspect of your lifestyle, and you’ll find that in addition to dropping that extra weight you’ll also see many other positive benefits that come from leading a healthy lifestyle.

Leonard Plank has been involved in the health and fitness area for over 17 years, and has personally lost over 80 pounds completely turning his life around. He currently contributes to

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