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Written by Ankesh Kothari

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M.K. started asking people how they found out about him to trackrepparttar results his advertising dollars generated and he found out that 70% of people had read his truck!

Action summary:

* Why promote a car company when you can promote your own company instead? Customized stickers and decals can be bought for as low as 15 dollars. Why not invest in them?

* Go one step ahead. Instead of promoting nike, wear shirts and caps that bear your company logo on them. This alone will run up more business for your company. Buy shirts for your employees too. When big companies like Comcast can do it, why canít you?

Ankesh Kothari publishes the Marketing Hotsheet 24 times a year, twice every month. Each hotsheet reveals 6 ***tried and tested*** profit making marketing tactics that you can use to build your business.

Bought a New car but can't seem to shift the Old One? Try our 8 point checklist!

Written by Jason Hulott

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If you are a smoker, empty outrepparttar ashtrays and wash them. If you are a pet owner and Fido loves to sit inrepparttar 102795 car with you then make sure you remove allrepparttar 102796 pet hair fromrepparttar 102797 seats. Use an airfreshner.

Clean any spillages with a domestic carpet cleaner.


Ensure everything underrepparttar 102798 bonnet is tidy and thatrepparttar 102799 engine runs quietly. If you have a squeaky fan belt get it tightened and make surerepparttar 102800 bonnet stay is present and clips in place.

Check Oil, Screen Washer Water and Coolant. Top up as necessary.

DONT STEAM CLEAN THE ENGINE! It creates suspicion!


If your car's electrics aren't working properly it can turn off a buyer. Make sure all your lights work properly and that you replace broken bulbs.


Put allrepparttar 102801 cars documents together in one place. This includes:

Onwers Handbook Service Book V5 Registration Document MOT certificate ifrepparttar 102802 car is over 3 years old Any invoices for repair work carried out onrepparttar 102803 car

This puts any buyer at ease it is shows you cared forrepparttar 102804 car.

8.Know its true value

Don't undo allrepparttar 102805 hard work by acceptingrepparttar 102806 first offer that comes along. Make sure you know your car's true resale value.

This can be done either online at:

or you can buy their latest blue book which will show you your cars value.

It is also worth looking at similar cars inrepparttar 102807 classifieds to see what other owners are asking for their's.

This may also give you an idea ofrepparttar 102808 features others are using to promote their car and give you some ideas.

Good Luck

Jason Hulott is a Director of Motor Car Loans an automotive resource guide for those looking to buy, insure , sell or in fact do all most anything with a car. Sign up to our free car insurance course, send an email to

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