Capture Their Attention With Your Title!

Written by A.T.Rendon

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4. Ask A Question?

Questions always deserve an answer and we are taught to respond.

5. ALWAYS userepparttar Truth.

Don't use unbelievable claims just to grab attention. You will loserepparttar 101091 good-will of your prospects if you lie to or mislead them.


Use of all capitals is considered rude onrepparttar 101092 Internet as it stands for shouting or angry talk. If used throughout an entire ad, it becomes difficult to read and appears amateurish.

7. Test Your Title.

Use different title lines to see which one will drawrepparttar 101093 greatest response. You will find one that works better for you thanrepparttar 101094 others. And even after you findrepparttar 101095 best title, keep testing!

Make use of these 7 simple, yet powerful techniques to Capturerepparttar 101096 Attention of Your prospects and your ads will stand out inrepparttar 101097 crowd amongst all repparttar 101098 millions of ads that are found online today.

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Put Some Punch In Your Classified Ad

Written by Kevin Nunley

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When possible, include a quote from a past customer. People believe other customers before they believe you. It's human nature.

I knew a guy who built himself a fine retirement by marketing his self-published book with classified ads. He started out with an ad in one magazine. When he had made his money back, he put an ad in more magazines until you couldn't look through a newsstand without seeing his ad.

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