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Live Music Conference at Kensington London is "by invitation only", and seeks to bring together key figures involved inrepparttar presentation of live entertainment aroundrepparttar 107917 globe for meetings on March 11-13. TV Land Awards Will be taped on Sunday, March 13 atrepparttar 107918 Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, and air on TV Land and Nick at Nite on Wednesday, March 16. A Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is set for March 14 atrepparttar 107919 Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City. IRMA's 35th Annual Recording Media Forum addresses need-to-know issues for content owners and their replicating/duplicating business partners in its sessions March 14-16 in Palm Springs. Followingrepparttar 107920 25th Annual Tejano Music Awards will berepparttar 107921 "Official After Awards Party" atrepparttar 107922 Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino March 19 in Eagle Pass. NAACP Image Awards will be taped for broadcast overrepparttar 107923 FOX Network on March 19 in Universal Amphitheater, Universal City. Pool parties, artist showcasing in Miami nightspots, intense networking, underscorerepparttar 107924 Miami Winter Music Conference focused onrepparttar 107925 dance music industry, from March 22-26. Writers Guild of America/West hosts a "Writers on Writing" session March 23 in Los Angeles. At an Entertainment Industry Business Council session, March 24 in Los Angeles, a panel of Hollywood experts discuss how soundtracks are becoming a huge revenue source for record labels. JAM: Jazz Appreciation Month has a kick-off event atrepparttar 107926 Smithsonion Institution Jazz Café, March 28, in Washington, DC.

Many of events above have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Complete details are onrepparttar 107927 "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at

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11 Speaking Tips to Gain Comfort in any Presentation!

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5.Speak torepparttar level ofrepparttar 107916 audience. Your script should be like a conversation you would have with a member of your audience one on one. Use terminology they are used to, fond of, or wishing to know more about. Learnrepparttar 107917 parlance ofrepparttar 107918 field you are addressing. Keep away from words they are not likely to know. Use accessible language.

6.Use eye contact! This helps you and them, especially when you wish to deliver information with an emotional impact. So often speakers look down at their papers orrepparttar 107919 floor to sayrepparttar 107920 most important things! This is a natural impulse, it is one way we check our own emotions and feelings. Dorepparttar 107921 opposite when you are presenting. Even when it is bad news. Use eye contact and a neutral gaze, allowing you and your audience to connect.

7.Userepparttar 107922 5 Hollywood script techniques: Drama, Humor, Wisdom, Poignancy, and Surprise Ending. Find moments in your speech for these elements and it will make you unforgettable.

8.Use your own experiences and life stories as examples and metaphors. Search your life for times of conflict and identifyrepparttar 107923 lessons and opportunities that came out of that conflict. This is a powerful tool known as transferable metaphor. Your audience has come to see you, not what you have borrowed from somebody else.

9.Know your opening and closing by heart. These arerepparttar 107924 most important times you connect with your audience. It’s important to recap your dominant thoughts, tell a final joke or important motivational ending, but know it cold!

10.Give time for questions. Always end with, “Before I close, what questions do you have?”

11.Plan your ending strategy. You can go over time ifrepparttar 107925 situation allows, or conversely, you can end your talk a bit sooner and finish with questions and answers.

For the past 18 years Dianne has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and top government agencies to optimize leadership & communication skills. As a veteran Broadway stage performer, Dianne knows how mastering public speaking can catapult your career, and her expert coaching makes your process a fun, meaningful exploration into your best self. Phone: 818-789-4791 Email: Web:

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