Canada Standing Still on a Downhill Slide

Written by Glenn Brigaldino

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As a social scientist and specialist in international cooperation, Glenn Brigaldino's writing focusses on international affairs. He is a member of Canadian e-book authors and also a contributing writer to the online venture

KVB: Whoever Wins, We Lose

Written by Gary Whittaker

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John Kerry. Here is a man that joinedrepparttar army because of his own ideals. When he came back home, and found that public sentiment was against it, he went with them. He was one of them torepparttar 125944 point where he made a public demonstration of throwing away his army medals to make a statement. Except he still hasrepparttar 125945 real ones. He put replicas on his army jacket. Fast forward to pre-9/11. Kerry voted to reduce funding to intelligence gathering, andrepparttar 125946 military. Inrepparttar 125947 wake ofrepparttar 125948 attacks in New York, Kerry became a Bush supporter, and followed public sentiment that more should be spent on national defense andrepparttar 125949 armed forces. Kerry backed all of Bush's war efforts, until public sentiment turned against Bush. If Kerry is elected, he will be a West Coast style President. He will be a surfer, ridingrepparttar 125950 waves of public opinion. Problem what that is, it is a proven fact that when a mass of people are confronted with a negative situation, problems arise. Problems become hysteria, and hysteria will lead to bloodshed. It is possible that inrepparttar 125951 event of another terrorist attack, John Kerry will fanrepparttar 125952 flames of public angst instead of putting them out. He will be slow to react, causing those people who would be naturally opposed to stir those who would be normally neutral.

Both Bush and Kerry are members of a secret organization known asrepparttar 125953 Skull and Bones. There have been movies about them, but atrepparttar 125954 core of those movies there is truth. This society was created to elevate its members into positions of power. Most of these men today are either in office, or executives in Fortune 500 companies. No matter who is elected, there are companies that stand to gain more than others. It will berepparttar 125955 job of either Bush or Kerry to keeprepparttar 125956 average Joe content enough to let it happen.

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