Canada’s Aging Baby Boomers: Planning Health Insurance for the Future

Written by Anna Dorbyk

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Opting for supplemental health insurance allows you to customize your plan to suit your individual needs. For many seniors,repparttar prospect of spending time in a hospital is not a pleasant one, but with supplemental coverage, a private room in a health care facility can makerepparttar 151078 stay more comfortable. Not only does health insurance easerepparttar 151079 worry that individuals may have concerning their own personal welfare, but it also helps to assuagerepparttar 151080 fears of family members on whomrepparttar 151081 burden of long-term care would fall.

As ten million Canadians begin to approachrepparttar 151082 time in their life when retiring is imminent, it becomes a necessity to plan for whatever eventualitiesrepparttar 151083 future might hold. Thinking ahead to answerrepparttar 151084 various demands of aging helps guarantee a peace of mind for yourself and your family and ensures that you are ready to facerepparttar 151085 challenge of life’s milestones.

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Shareholders meeting changing with times

Written by Eric Newman

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Attention is being focused on how shareholders on both sides--those attempting takeovers and individual shareholders in target firms--will judge defense measures proposed atrepparttar meetings. At one technological company’s shareholders meeting this past spring in San Francisco, managers hoped to obtain shareholder approval forrepparttar 151076 business integration with another company. But major stokeholder, James Harold Garrison, 61 of Palo Alto, California has called on other shareholders to opposerepparttar 151077 plan, drawing attention torepparttar 151078 result ofrepparttar 151079 shareholders meeting. Another trend isrepparttar 151080 increasing number of companies using information technology for voting and other purposes. Systems on shareholders voting viarepparttar 151081 internet were liberalized sometime in 2002, and according to four major trust banks,repparttar 151082 number of corporations offering online voting increased from 403 last year to 698 this year. The number of firms allowing voting by cell phone increased from 59 last year to 354. Many corporations also plan to adopt live internet broadcasts of their shareholders meetings.

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