Can your website be stolen?

Written by George McKee

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Here is where you need to be a good consumer and know a little more aboutrepparttar process.

You arerepparttar 108285 owner of your domain name andrepparttar 108286 owner of your website. Although most people grant their website designer or website administratorrepparttar 108287 power to control all of this, and although most people do not understandrepparttar 108288 technicalities of domains and hosting packages, you should still have allrepparttar 108289 details readily available.

If you have a business website and delegated any ofrepparttar 108290 work involved in setting it up to another person, you should still maintain complete control over its future.

Whether you or someone else purchasesrepparttar 108291 domain name for your website (the, make certain that you haverepparttar 108292 contact details fromrepparttar 108293 company it was purchased from, andrepparttar 108294 corresponding username and password to access control overrepparttar 108295 domain's use. Most importantly, make sure you are listed asrepparttar 108296 registered owner ofrepparttar 108297 website, notrepparttar 108298 person or company that is creating your website for you. All registered domains have four contact individuals listed onrepparttar 108299 Internet. Your web administrator can be listed asrepparttar 108300 technical contact orrepparttar 108301 administrative contact but you need to be listed asrepparttar 108302 registered owner. This way, if any changes are made torepparttar 108303 status ofrepparttar 108304 domain, you are informed as well, and you should be notified whenrepparttar 108305 domain name is about to expire.

This is how my friends’ website was “stolen”. He was not listed asrepparttar 108306 owner, andrepparttar 108307 design company that was listed asrepparttar 108308 owner went out of business. Whenrepparttar 108309 domain name expired (remember, you purchase these for a limited time and then have to renew),repparttar 108310 owner did not know it and that particular domain name became available for anyone else to purchase – legally. Thus, my friends website was not really stolen. He wasrepparttar 108311 victim of ignorance.

George McKee writes a twice-monthly, computer and Internet related article in the Algarve Resident, a newspaper for the English speaking residents of the Algarve region of Portugal. He also operates, with his business partner,, a web hosting and design firm in southern Portugal. He can be contacted at or at his little corner of the website

Re-assignment of pre-registered aero-domains

Written by Hans-Peter Oswald

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Pre-registration and activation of domain names was introduced to make sure that complete sets of codes work and there are no gaps inrepparttar structure that would breakrepparttar 108284 predictability. Once all recognized codes are present, a traveler or an industry professional can always receive a valid answer when using a recognized industry code in .aero. This is very good news for end-users, people as well as systems, because they can always "guess" what domain name to use based on their knowledge ofrepparttar 108285 industry codes, and access desired information quickly. Say, as a passenger, you userepparttar 108286 LA airport frequently, you knowrepparttar 108287 code is LAX, so you just type and you are onrepparttar 108288 web site ofrepparttar 108289 airport. That?s fast!

Pre-registration and activation also serves as a very useful tool for demonstration and testing of new concepts like minimum presentation standards for mobile and wireless devices.

Hans Peter Oswald

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