Can you really be successful online working at home?

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

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* traffic development tools. Your business is only going to succeed torepparttar extent that you have a certain flow of new prospects every single day. Does your current business offer you these prospect leads?

* ongoing technical assistance. Like it or not,repparttar 117814 Internet is based on changing technology. You must have as part of your success teamrepparttar 117815 technicians who can help you master it and ensure that your business is always up and running.

3) Learn How To Work Your Prospects & Make Sales

For your home-based business to succeed, you need to develop a sales mentality. The Internet isrepparttar 117816 ultimate sales emporium. Prospects will visit your website and email you every single day. They expect a prompt response, with their inquiries being handled expeditiously and professionally.

Even if you're only able to work your home-based online business part- time, you need to think like a full-time entrepreneur, making sure that you are ready to deal with your prospects as soon as they are ready to do business with you.

This means being able to get out information fast (your Sales Manager is vital for this)... and following up over and over again untilrepparttar 117817 sale is made (again, somethingrepparttar 117818 Sales Manager is made to do.)

The sad fact is that all too many people who are running online home- based businesses are relying onrepparttar 117819 Internet to do their work for them, hoping that they themselves won't have to contact any prospects, much less "sell" them anything. This is nonsense. The Internet is unrivaled for what it does -- giving people worldwiderepparttar 117820 ability to disseminate unlimited amounts of information and to connect with people for a trifling cost. However, it does not takerepparttar 117821 place of good ol' personal contact and relationship building. The Internet is a vital business tool, likerepparttar 117822 telephone, but you will never succeed in your home-based business if you're not willing to work with your prospects in whatever way it takes to makerepparttar 117823 sale.

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Changing Careers... to obtain the Telecommuting Lifestyle

Written by Edward B. Toupin

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You want to write a resume that mixes relevant skills, achievements, and experiences. Put your most valuable skills and abilities nearrepparttar beginning and add an objective tailored torepparttar 117813 job you are trying to get. A good outline for a career change resume follows:

* OBJECTIVE Writerepparttar 117814 objective to matchrepparttar 117815 requirements ofrepparttar 117816 job. For instance, if you want a job as an "Internet Sourcer," then you could write something like: "An independent self-starter seeking a contract or freelance position to provide research and analysis skills using knowledge, a positive attitude, and experience as assets forrepparttar 117817 hiring company."

* SKILLS Describe up to five skills or areas of expertise that you can offer. The skills can come from anywhere as long as you can prove them (e.g., a degree you completed last year or a hobby that makes you an expert).

* ACHIEVEMENTS List up to five bulleted points describing positive things you've done related your target job. For example, you can include both paid and volunteer work as well as hobbies or education.

* EDUCATION/TRAINING or EXPERIENCE List those items that fit well with your target career. If your education exemplifies your skills forrepparttar 117818 job, emphasize it. As for experience, list those items in your current and past jobs that emphasize your experience specifically forrepparttar 117819 job and your new career.

If you're curious and want a few examples for a given position, download Copernic ( and use their "Resume" category search. Search for other resumes that meet your requirements for your position. You might also find someone else with your skills and realize that they made it intorepparttar 117820 career you're heading toward!

--- Going Afterrepparttar 117821 New Career ---

Once your resume is complete, go back and search for those positions that match your needs. Examine their requirements and create a cover letter that best describes how your attributes can satisfyrepparttar 117822 needs ofrepparttar 117823 company. Don't use a form cover letter, tailor one for each individual position. When you're confident thatrepparttar 117824 cover letter and resume are ready, send them torepparttar 117825 contacts for each company.

You'll probably have to do this a few times until someone catches on to your skills and hires you. Inrepparttar 117826 process, make sure that you keep track ofrepparttar 117827 companies and their contacts that receive your resume. Sincerepparttar 117828 Web is inundated with repetition, make sure that you don't send your resume more than once torepparttar 117829 same company.

--- What's Next? ---

The idea is not to give up. If your dream is to telecommute, then you need to position yourself such that a telecommuting position can be yours. Just remember that your first job will be "onrepparttar 117830 side" and its purpose is to help you gain experience as a telecommuter in your new career. As you become proficient, update your resume and go afterrepparttar 117831 big job! Just make sure your resume makes it clear that you haverepparttar 117832 skills and desire to be proficient in that new job.

Edward B. Toupin is a telecommuting consultant, writer, and published author living in Las Vegas. You can visit his Web site at or contact him at

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