Can you anticipate the cell phones of the future?

Written by Keith Kingston

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Today mostcell phones come equipped with a digital camera. Remember allrepparttar oohs and aahs when that technology hitrepparttar 149371 market. Well it’s going to get better, you are going to have a true video camera built into your phone, which will be good for 10 to 20 minutes of record time.

Wait, there’s more! Cell phones are going to be able to read RFID tags, which are cheap disposable tags that contain information about a product. Inrepparttar 149372 future items in a store will all contain these tags and your phone will have a built in RFID reader so you’ll be able to quickly access product information. Sounds likerepparttar 149373 day’s of a live person helping you might become a thing ofrepparttar 149374 past.

There is even talk that these devices could make checkouts a thing ofrepparttar 149375 past. Of course that would mean we’ve also become a cashless society. I know we are almost there now. You would scan an item inrepparttar 149376 store, then punch a button to purchase it. Goodbye to long check out line ups.

But wait, they want to take it one step further! Your cell phones going to act as your wallet for electronic style payments. You’ll be able to access your bank accounts, and credit cards withrepparttar 149377 touch of a button.

Currently we’ve got email and some limited web functions available on our cell phones, but that’s all going to change! Your cell phone is about to becomerepparttar 149378 smallest computer ever built. I will allow you to do everything you can do at your desk top, withrepparttar 149379 advantage of mobility.

The list goes on and on. The creative juices ofrepparttar 149380 cellular industry are flowing fast. With wireless systems like blue tooth onrepparttar 149381 market,repparttar 149382 flood gates have opened. Your going to see cellular technology beyond your wildest dreams. Get ready forrepparttar 149383 twighlight zone.

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Seduce your wallet with free, cheap or half price mobile phone deals … (safely)

Written by Duncan Elliott

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So how do you avoid this disastrous situation?

In short, use a reliable company that has good business history. For example,repparttar Carphone Warehouse has been established for over 10 years, as has Mobile Phone World,repparttar 149258 company behind

It is important not to be seduced byrepparttar 149259 attraction of too-good-to-be-true offers from companies that have not been established for a long while - it is quite likely that they might go bust before you have had your cashback monies.

Checkrepparttar 149260 small print

It is also vital to pay great attention torepparttar 149261 Terms and Conditions ofrepparttar 149262 cashback redemption procedure. Most require you to send in your mobile phone bill for your (eg) 6th month of connection within 28 days of receipt.

There for a reason

This is not just petty procedures to make it harder for you to claim … it is becauserepparttar 149263 dealer will receive a clawback of their tariff commission ifrepparttar 149264 customer does not pay their phone bill withinrepparttar 149265 first 6 months, or changes to a cheaper tariff. Sending inrepparttar 149266 bill givesrepparttar 149267 dealer proof that you are still connected and still onrepparttar 149268 same tariff.

Getrepparttar 149269 Best Deal - Safely

So 2 Top Tips: How to seduce your wallet withrepparttar 149270 best deal - forrepparttar 149271 long term:

1.Only choose from well established phone retailers such as

  • Carphone Warehouse

  • 2U Mobile Phones -

  • The Link

  • Phones 4U

    2.Read closely, print out and keeprepparttar 149272 cashback redemption Terms and Conditions so you can follow them torepparttar 149273 letter in claiming your cashback

    With this information you can now searchrepparttar 149274 internet forrepparttar 149275 best mobile phone for you.

    Duncan Elliott has been in the mobile phones industry for over 4 years, and is now involved in communications for 2U offers market-leading offers to customers and also offers cash commissions to affiliates, and those who recommend 2U to friends and family. For more info please click here

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